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The Benefits Of Modular Office Furniture

By Taylor Landis Today 6 Views No comments

Hey everyone, it’s the cubicle specialist here again. I’m sure most of you have heard of modular office furniture, right? But, do you really understand what it actually is? I’ll be honest, I didn’t even completely understand what this term meant until a few days ago. When you search “modular office furniture,” you come across desks and cubicles that you’ve seen before. They look just like so many other desks and cubicle systems. So, what makes this particular furniture “modular” and what does that even mean?

Well, what makes modular cubicles and desks unique is that they can be tailored to fit the exact needs of any office space and they can be altered or added to as your company changes or grows to continue to fit the needs of your office environment. Pretty cool right? Flexibility is a major key in any office space, especially small businesses or startups where resources such as time, space, and money might be limited. These modular office solutions fit the description of flexibility perfectly. They can be broken apart and reassembled back to a number of different variations or add to them if needed. There’s no need to invest in entirely new cubicle and desking systems every time the needs of your office environment changes slightly. Instead, that can be done quickly and easily with the furniture that you already have.

Modular office furniture redefines versatility and mobility. These systems are lightweight and easy to install. I mentioned before that a modular office system will save you money, space, and time. Let me explain how:

Money saving: When it is time for your office layout to adjust to change and growth with your company, you won’t need to invest in an expensive, whole new office system with new cubicles, desks, chairs, etc. Instead, you can just readjust or add to the systems that you already have. For example, add additional desk space and privacy panels to a teaming cubicle or 120-degree cubicle system to account for additional employees as your business becomes larger. In some cases, transform an L-shape cubicle into a U-shape cubicle if more desk space is needed per workstation. And those are just a couple of examples.

Space saving: As opposed to big, heavy cubicle systems, modular cubicles and desks are thin and lightweight, making them easier to disassemble and reassemble. Therefore, they take up less space in your limited office area. And, because you can continue to add to the same system, you won’t need to worry about storing old cubicle parts and office furniture that isn’t currently in use because a new system was needed for additional workspace.

Time saving: Since modular office furniture is so easy to disassemble and reinstall in a new layout, you won’t need to spend days redesigning and installing new cubicles and offices. Better yet, there won’t be any extra mess from construction that you need to worry about. You can have a completely redesigned office space in as little as one day instead of wasting yours and your employees’ valuable time by closing off your office space to install complicated and messy cubicle systems.

Reconfigure your office space as many times as you need until you find the perfect solution for your office space that works best for your employees and business. For example, if you’re in search of an L-shape desk, instead of buying one, you may be able to create your desired desk shape and length with multiple modular desk pieces instead. Modular office furniture gives you the flexibility to create the perfect, functional office space that works best for your environment, and then change and alter it as you company changes and grows. This adaptable office system gives your small business room to grow and change into the successful company that you desire. Not only can you reconfigure your office space as many times as you need to, you can also customize your cubicles, office partitions, and modular walls. Choose from the large selection of panels heights, colors, cubicle and desk seating options, worksurfaces, storage, and more that Skutchi Designs has to offer. You can create your dream office space over and over again with ease with your new modular office furniture.

How To Create A Modern Office Space

By Taylor Landis 4 days ago 26 Views No comments

Everyone craves that sleek, modern office look. It gives off a professional and neat impression to anyone who walks into your office space. Clients, customers, and guests are immediately impressed by your style and interior design. So, have you been wondering how to achieve this look? How to turn heads with the layout and design of your office space? It’s the cubicle specialist here to tell you how to create that modern workspace look that you desire. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Just a few design tips and specific office cubicle system, desking, and office options to help you achieve an upscale and professional appearance. Okay, let’s get started.

First, let’s start with colors. Stick to simple, elegant, and sleek when it comes to choosing basically anything for a modern office space. You don’t want orange or royal blue panels on your cubicles or office walls. Stick to the basics; white, black, gray, even dark brown in some cases (flooring or worksurfaces). Remember, you want to portray a sleek, elegant, and professional style. Instead of making individual things capture attention (i.e. bright walls, cubicle panels, bright colored decorations) you want the space as a whole to capture visitors’ attention. So, your basic color rules: no bright colors, stick to black, white, silver, or gray, and go with a dark or white worksurface. And, it’s very important to keep your space organized and neat. A messy and disorganized office space destroys the whole look. Papers and file folders scattered everywhere and employees scrambling to find things is not very professional.

When choosing your office or cubicle system, it’s important to continue that simple but elegant look. Skutchi Designs’ Sapphire cubicle system is a very modern cubicle system. There are glass-top panel options, plenty of color choices, storage solutions, and silver trim. Stick to simple and neutral color patterns and either dark or white worksurfaces and your cubicles will complete the look. Even more specifically, the Sapphire system offers the demountable wall system. This completely customizable system allows you to create offices, cubicles, conference rooms, huddle rooms, room dividers, or virtually any room or office space that you may need with all glass panels. You can also customize the amount of solid, laminate panels you’d like to add or include fabric panels to aid with acoustics and more efficiently control noise and distraction in your workplace. Even add sliding doors to your private offices. If you do decide to choose solid or fabric panels, remember the color scheme rules from before. Even add customizable glass-etching to your panels for a more personalized look. The glass panels that the demountable wall system offers are extremely modern and elegant looking and the glass office idea has so many benefits. If you read my previous blog post, “Why Glass Cubicles are the Best Choice for You,” you’d know all about these many benefits, so I won’t get into those.


If you’re going for more of a minimalist look or if you have a smaller office space and need a more condensed method of squeezing the right number of workspaces into your small space, the Diamond desking system may better suit your space. This system achieves a sleek and minimalist look. Again, you’ll want to choose white or dark worksurfaces (I recommend white) and neutral or glass privacy screens and fabric colors. Don’t worry about storage, there are plenty of optional storage solutions that can be included into this desking system, keeping your workspaces organized and clutter-free. Again, the blog post, “The Diamond Desking System,” will go more in depth about the benefits and features of this particular Cubicle Landscapes’ system.

Now, let’s talk seating. We’re still sticking with a minimalist and sleek look, so black or white desk chairs and seating throughout your office will look best in your updated office space. Try to stay away from those big, chunky traditional leather chairs. Not that you have to avoid leather altogether, but try to find something thinner, smaller, and lightweight to better adjust to the new design of your space. The silver or black metal trim, legs, and wheels on your chair will help complete the look.

Decorating is probably your favorite part. Once your cubicle systems, offices, desking systems, and seating are in place, it’s time to complete the look with accessories. Hang artwork, bring in live plants, and be creative when decorating. However, continue the pattern of neutral colors. If you want to add a personal or unique touch, search for creative design solutions. For example, Skutchi Deigns offers a few acoustic lighting systems and room dividers or privacy panels with a very neutral color, but very unique patterns. For example, the BUZZILIGHT is an eye-catching and unique acoustic hanging light and is offered in off-white and stone gray. BUZZIFALLS are creative hanging acoustic panels that are also offered in neutral colors. Or, my personal favorite, the WAVEwall is a simple, white acoustic privacy panel, but in a unique wave pattern to give your office space a unique touch. Throw in a few decorations or office accessories like this to give your modern office a personalized and unique touch.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks for creating your modern, elegant, and professional office space, it’s time to start customizing, designing, and decorating. Create your dream office space that captures attention and turns heads with its professional impression and elegant interior design. Add personal touches with unique decoration and accessories. Stick with minimalist offices, desking systems, and/or cubicle systems, and seating with neutral colors. And remember, organization and basic appearance is key. Keep a clean and neat office. Uphold your professional look in all aspects of your office, from the reception area, to desk and office organization, to employee appearance. Lastly, it’s time to take-in, enjoy, and take pride in the beautiful modern office space that you’ve created.

How To Be Happier At Work

By Skutchi Designs 4 days ago 20 Views No comments

Here at Skutchi Designs we love an infographic. It’s the whole idea that you can quickly learn something about yourself with snappy images and short descriptions. We tend to be an attention deficit culture these days, running busy and all around, but we are a curious species always ready to evolve and learn…therefore…thank you infographic creators!

So when I came across this cool infographic from the amazing people at, I had to share. Not only is it about happiness, it’s about happiness at work and one mission of our blog, is to make your work day better. OF COURSE, we like to talk about how our products can help you enjoy your work day better, we are a business and our products are great! Mostly, our blog is about tips to make your business better and sharing information to help you achieve work/life balance.

Inforgraphic can also be found at

Be Happy At Work

The Demountable Wall System Explained

By Taylor Landis 6 days ago 35 Views No comments

What do you picture when someone says, “demountable wall system?” I know the topics of office and cubicles don't tend to spring to mind, but, if it does, do you completely understand what a demountable wall system is? You might think of a glass office, office partitions, modular private offices, glass cubicles, or room dividers. But, the extremely versatile demountable wall system can actually be all these things and more. By definition, these walls can be unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled in a new location. The synonym of the name is “movable walls.” So, with that being said, you can relocate, recreate, and reinstall these walls to modify any office space and create a layout that works well with your ideal office space. Let me explain a little more in depth about how this system works.

The best thing about movable walls is that you can create any office space that best suits your layout and work environment. If you prefer an open-plan office, use the walls as glass office partitions and room dividers wherever you may need them to create a little extra privacy and seclusion from the group office setting. Create a huddle room and large conference area as well. Design the connected and teamwork-oriented office environment that you imagined, perfectly laid out to best suit your work environment. On the other hand, if you want to create a more personal and noise-controlled work environment with cubicles and large private, executive offices, use the demountable partition walls to install modular private offices with doors or your personalized cubicle system. Construct offices that fit your specific size and height requirements in no time. And, if you decide in a few months that your layout isn’t working out or if it’s time to change it up a little bit, you can easily move and reconfigure your offices, cubicles, rooms, or partitions anywhere else in your office space.

Now that you understand what the demountable wall system is; I can get a little bit more specific and tell you about the Sapphire demountable wall system by Cubicle Landscapes. It fits every description of the demountable wall system explained above and is completely customizable. So, not only are you able to design and redesign your ideal office layout, but you can also customize each individual wall. Wall heights range from 89” to 95” tall. You can choose between all glass panels, solid panels, or a combination of the two for your wall system. You also get to choose the colors. Add optional fabric panels, and choose the fabric colors, to aid with acoustics and control noise levels in your office space. You have the option of a swing door, a sliding door, or no door at all if you prefer. We can also add optional wall storage. Once your walls are designed, create the office space of your dreams during your quick, easy, and mess-free installation process. This system is so popular because it gives you the freedom of design and mobility. You’re not locked into any specific office design layout. And, the Sapphire system has a very modern and elegant look, giving your office space a neat and professional look and feel.

So, now when someone brings up the topic of a demountable wall system or you’re searching online for a new office or cubicle system and you come across the phrase, you’ll understand the concept, right? A movable wall system that allows you to unmount, relocate, and reinstall the walls to create and recreate your ideal office layout. The sleek and modern glass walls, which can also be replaced with laminate or fabric panels as well, can substitute as a modular private office, cubicles, office partitions, room dividers, glass offices, or anything else you can imagine. Use a single wall as a personalized storage wall. Build your dream open-plan office, and include a large glass conference room, a huddle room, and large, modular private offices with doors as executive suites. The options are endless, so it’s time to get creative. And the great thing about movable walls; if you don’t like the design, try again and create something different. You really can’t go wrong, and you won’t get tired of changing up your office floor plan. Create the office space that’s perfect for everyone.

The Skutchi Designs Process: From Conception To Delivery [Infographic]

By Taylor Landis 6 days ago 15 Views No comments

Call Center Cubicles By Cubicle Landscapes

By Taylor Landis 7 days ago 12 Views No comments

Hey everyone, it’s the cubicle specialist again. Let’s talk about the dreaded call center cubicle. Of course, no one dreams of working in a call center cubicle one day, but if you do end up in a busy call center with rows upon rows of tiny cubicles that barely even fit your chair, wouldn’t you rather have the best of the best? Today, I’m going to introduce you to “the best:” the Emerald cubicle system’s call center cubicles by cubicle landscapes. Customize your ideal telemarketing cubicle or small office cubicle by choosing from our numerous color, height, dimension, laminate, and seating options. That’s a lot of choices you get to make. Call centers require a high volume of workspaces in a single office space, and Skutchi Designs has just that. The path to customizing your next call center cubicle or cubicles, begins here.

The Emerald cubicle system’s call center cubicles are extremely customizable, like all other cubicle landscapes cubicles. It all begins by choosing your seating option. We have options available that seat up to ten people (ten separate cubicles, all sold together and attach during installation). If you need 70 telemarketing cubicles ASAP, I recommend choosing the largest seating option. However, you also have the option to choose cubicles that only seat one or two people. Next, choose your cubicle height and dimensions. Height options range from 39” to 65” tall. These options were created so you can create your perfect blend of privacy and collaboration with standing privacy, sitting privacy, semi-privacy, and teaming cubicles. Our cubicle dimensions range from 2x3 to 3x6 with plenty of options in between. So, whether you need to squeeze 70 workspaces into a tiny space or create a private workspace for all ten of your employees and give them each room for a computer, a phone, and desktop accessories, we have what you’re looking for. And a small piece of advice, employees will prefer the larger dimensions over climbing into their personal box among the long row of their coworkers’ identical boxes. After you’ve chosen a height and dimensions, it’s time to choose your cubicle fabric panel color and laminate desktop. Skutchi has an abundance of fabric colors and laminate options, with quickship options available as well; just in case you need your cubicles sooner than later. You also have the option to create a two-tone fabric panel or choose glass-top panels. During installation, you can even customize your desk height. And of course, we offer storage solutions. File pedestals can slide perfectly under your cubicle desk. For additional storage, attach an overhead storage shelf. This would also be a great spot to show off your decorations and accessories. Now you understand why this is the telemarketing cubicle you’d want to work in.

Now that I’ve told you everything there is to now about the Emerald cubicle system call center cubicle, it’s time to start customizing. Fill your old, empty, or out-of-date office space with your brand-new cubicle landscapes telemarketing cubicles. I’ve never had the luxury of working in a small office cubicle. I never thought it would be a good choice for me because I would rather not talk to people, especially over the phone. But, if you never run out of things to say and you don’t have the opportunity to get enough words out in one day, I recommend becoming a telemarketer. And when you do, I hope you’re lucky enough to work in a Skutchi Designs call center cubicle. In fact, these cubicles might even make you actually want to work in a call center.

Sapphire Glass Cubicle Collection

By Joseph Fisher 10 days ago 39 Views No comments

Everyone seems to want a modern and elegant looking office space. I guess that’s the top office trend of 2018. But, when creating your new modern office, remember it all begins with the foundation of your office space: cubicles. The cubicle specialist is back to tell you all about Skutchi Designs’ modern, elegant, and professional Sapphire cubicle system by cubicle landscapes. The Sapphire collection consists of the demountable wall system, glass cubicles with doors, executive cubicles, managerial cubicles, L-shape cubicles, and teaming cubicles. So, yes, it’s a very large collection. It would take pages for me to describe, explain, and highlight all the features of the whole collection, and I know that none of you actually want to read my rant which would seem never ending. So, I’ll be a little bit more specific and highlight the very popular Sapphire L-shape cubicles and teaming cubicles. I’m sure everyone is familiar with an L-shape cubicle; it’s kind of self-explanatory. You’ll love the large workspace and modern look, as well as all the features and customizations that I’m about to explain to you.

If you’ve read my other product highlight/introduction articles (I hope you have), then you already know that customization begins with choosing the height and dimensions of your new workspace. These particular L-shape cubicles range in size from 5x5 to 6x9 with plenty of variations in between. Panel height options are 52”, 65”, 84”, and if even that isn’t enough privacy and isolation, panels at 95” high are also available. Which means that I don’t want to read or hear any complaints about not having enough privacy in your workspace, because you definitely do. There are also plenty of seating options to choose from. Teaming cubicles seat up to eight people. And, because I know that you’ve already read every article that I’ve written, you also know my favorite step of customizing. . .choosing colors! Like always, there are plenty of fabric panel colors for you to choose from. And if that’s not enough, we have two-tone and glass cubicles with top panels available as well. But, the Sapphire collection has this cool, extra feature. You can customize your glass-top panels with glass-etching designed by you. Use your company logo or a neat design, the choice is yours. We also have our selection of laminate worksurfaces for you to choose from. Design that clean, professional, modern office that you’ve been dreaming of. It should be easy to do with all these customizations and designs.

Now let’s talk storage. I know that’s the part that you’ve been waiting for. The Sapphire L-shape cubicles have built in file pedestals that fit neatly under your desk, and systematically organize your files, papers, and office accessories. Still need extra space? Well, you also have the option of a lockable overhead storage bin. My cubicle has one of these overhead bins, and they’re actually very roomy. Of course, I don’t actually have anything in mine, but I think it would be a good place to store all your personal belongings throughout the day. And even better, we even have pencil and paper holders that attach nicely to your cubicle panels for easy accessibility, while keeping all those extra office supplies and papers off your desk. Still not enough storage? Well go read my article “25 Office Cubicle Organization Ideas from Skutchi” for some extra guidance on how to organize your cubicle and give yourself some extra desk space. You’re welcome. You can also add tackable panels to your cubicle walls to neatly hang papers and notes that need to catch your attention and cannot risk being forgotten about. Belt line and baseline wire management and an optional C leg with wire management neatly stores all those wires under your desk that get caught around each other and your chair and/or feet. I know how frustrating that can be. You don’t want to be that person who stands up from their desk chair just to fall back down because your foot was caught in a cable chord. It would take some time for your coworkers to move on from that one. Once your perfect cubicle is customized, designed, and neatly organized with our storage solutions, you have created a beautiful modern office. Congratulations!

Now that you know exactly where to start to create your neat and professional, modern office, it’s time to start customizing. You could really design and plan a complete office makeover with the Sapphire collection. Go big or go home, right? Transform your whole office using our customization tools and wide variety of design options for you to choose from. Nothing says, “brand new office” like customized glass-etching on your glass-top cubicle panels. And don’t forget to add glass sliding doors to your executive office while you’re at it. Not only are the Sapphire L-shape cubicles pretty to look at, but they will transform the way that you think of a cubicle. Now, a small box with a computer in it probably comes to mind. But, the Sapphire collection’s L-shape cubicles have plenty of desk space, privacy, and storage. You’ll feel like you work in the President’s suite. Which is exactly how we want you to feel. So, start customizing now! You have lot’s of designing to do, and design and layout decisions to make. Create your gorgeous modern office space that’s worth bragging about. And when it’s done, don’t forget to take a break to enjoy your new office while you’re hard at work.

The Skutchi Designs Process: From Conception To Delivery

By Taylor Landis 11 days ago 54 Views No comments

Skutchi Designs specializes in multiple services relating to office design, space planning, and office and cubicle customization. A few of those services include layout design and space planning, cubicle manufacturing, custom furniture, 2D/3D renderings, and nationwide delivery and installation. There are quite a few steps that go into the process of customizing your entire office space, as you can imagine; you’re starting with a big, empty space, and ending with a complete and beautiful office space with cubicles, offices, modern office furniture, a reception area, a conference room, or anything else that your space may need. So, you may be wondering; what exactly are the steps that go into this process? Well, that’s what I’m here to explain to you. The step-by-step Skutchi Designs process

It all begins with your need for a new office layout or design. Whether that be because you’re a new startup business or company moving into your first office space, it’s time to renovate your old, outdated workspaces and office furniture, or whatever other reasons you may have. First, you’ll fill out our form or call to request your free quote. We will respond by sending you our brochure. This 89-page brochure will describe in detail, in addition to showing you pictures of, our various cubicles, office, desking systems, and room systems and designs. You will view different dimensions, shapes, seating options, colors, etc. I understand that this may seem overwhelming, but I assure you that a few pages will stand out to you with concepts that you prefer, or just simply like the look of. Once you get back to us with a few styles that you like, we move on to the next step.

We will ask a few more questions about what you’re looking for, just to get a better idea of the design that would work best for your work space. It is also important for us to know what your company or job entails. This actually has a lot to do with determining the size of your cubicles or offices. For example, if you are designing a call center cubicle or a small office space, our call center cubicles are very small and private. You can fit an abundance of workspaces in a small area, if needed, with this option. Or, maybe you need a few larger, executive offices. Job positions such as architects, tend to require more desk space and a larger office. We take all these things into account when creating your design layout to make sure that we create a floor plan that perfectly fits your needs.

Next, you’ll submit your office space dimensions and layout. This is when our design team begins to create your office design and we start space planning. Keep in mind, these services are free. Our design team will perfectly layout each office, cubicle, or any other workspace that you need into your given office space. We will ask for your budget. This is one of the most difficult pieces of information to get out of our customers. Your budget is very important. Everyone wants an office space that resembles Google, however, your budget may not allow that. It’s important for us to know the amount of money that we’re working with. Are you shopping for a Hyundai or Mercedes? A lower budget doesn’t mean that your number and size of workspaces or floor plan will be compromised. We will find ways to work with your budget. For example, we may decrease the number of panels you need by placing a few cubicles up against a wall. Our Emerald cubicle system is also a significant amount cheaper than our Sapphire system, but the two have very few differences. For example, The Emerald collection has gray trim, while the Sapphire collection has silver trim. The panels on the Sapphire collection are available at a taller height. But, both collections will provide you with everything required to design your office space, without leaving out any necessities. Therefore, please don’t be afraid to give us a budget.

After a few back and forth layout submissions and revisions, we will have your office space designed and we’re ready to customize the specifics. We’ll dig into a few things such as corporate culture, and the type of layout you prefer. For example, if you’d like an open-plan office, we recommend the Sapphire collection. It offers a more modern office look and has features such as a huddle room. We’ll also take details such as noise control into consideration. More fabric leads to a more noise-controlled environment. We also offer products such as room dividers, cubicle privacy panels, and acoustic panels and decorations that you may take into consideration. At this point, we can give you a quote. It is important not to be discouraged by this amount. Like I mentioned before, we can alter a few minor details to adjust the price of your office design. Therefore, don’t give up if this is not the amount that you expected. We can make any necessary changes to work within your budget. Next, we’ll refer you to our online design center. This is when we begin to get into color palettes. You will choose colors for the carpet, panels, and worksurfaces. If you don’t quite have that eye for design, we can help you out in this department as well. You will be able to add customizations such as two-tone fabrics and glass-top panels. Once your layout and design is completed and customizations are made, our team will manufacture and create your designs. Before you know it, your cubicles, offices, furniture, etc. will be ready and shipped to you.

Our quickship products will be shipped in as little as two to three days. Other products will take an estimated five to eight days to be shipped. Then, you’ll decide if you’d like to take advantage of our installation services. If not, we have very detailed instructions and installation videos on our website and YouTube channel that can help you out during this process. If you do decide to use Skutchi’s cubicle installation services, we will be in contact with you to arrange a day for installation. You won’t have to lift a finger. Your entire office will be created right before your eyes. You also have the option to include data and electric in your cubicles. In this case, we would be more than happy to speak with an electrician regarding these services. Before you know it, the process is complete, and your entire office has been created from scratch.

Now that you understand what the Skutchi Designs process is and how it works, it’s time to call or fill out our form to receive you free quote. Be sure to ask about our free office design services and space planning services. I assure you, it will make this whole process so much easier for you. We’ll be in contact soon!

The Furniture Industry

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The furniture industry has seen a steep decline in the last decade and a half, with a 25% reduction in business many manufacturers and distributors have been forced to make cutbacks in jobs and facilities. However, that doesn’t mean the industry is drying up like a worm on the sidewalk, it’s simply changing, like a worm that is actually a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly…. or something like that. Office culture has become a dominant factor in the way we design, use and market furniture, there is a growing demand to “modernize” space and “go green”. Designers aren’t simply thinking about what motivational cat poster to hang up in the break room or what shade of faux leather to upholster the waiting room couch in. Consumers in the office furniture industry are considering things like ergonomics, technology integration, carbon footprint and of course cost; and while the products have changed according to the wants and needs of the consumer, advances in technology have also been a driving force in the evolution of office furniture as an increasing number of companies go paperless and begin to utilize wireless technologies and smaller hardware. The days of the large, clunky desktop and obnoxiously loud fax machine are gone, in favor of sleek laptops, tablets and smartphones which take up only a slight fraction of office real estate and give project managers and designers much more space to work with allowing for more collaborative areas that appeal to (many) young professionals. Technology has also made the industry exponentially more earth-friendly, as advances are made in materials that have less impact on the environment many manufacturers are using these fabrics, laminates and plastics in products that appeal to the environmentalist in all of us to help increase sales.

To accommodate the demands of this new wave of consumers, manufacturers are offering custom and semi-custom products with options that suit the changing environment of the modern office. Though this requires an innovative sales and design team, the ability to adapt and to change with the market is crucial to the survival of any company in the furniture industry. Smart manufacturers and distributors have expanded their product line to appeal to more than just the traditional office setting with products geared toward medical and educational facilities as well as the hospitality industry. Many companies are also seeing more and more business from private and residential projects as designers place less focus on the category that a piece of furniture is marketed under and more attention is paid to price and quality.

Overall, this is a mature industry that is being re-invented to encompass a much broader spectrum of clientele and this is happening at a time when many office managers are realizing a need to modernize space. The combination of these factors should ultimately contribute to the growth of the industry, but only for those who are willing and able to grow with it.

Fixed Space Seating or The Cubicle System?

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Cost Effective Trend or Dead-end?

The topic of whether or not to convert from the now standard Cubicle or fixed space system to a more flexible workspace or “Hot Desk” system has been the subject of much debate in the past decade and has only increased in discussion in recent years. This article will outline the pros and cons of each system as well as discuss the costs associated with conversion and the possibility of decreasing office related expenses and increasing workplace productivity with “Hot Desking”. Whether or not you are a fan of either system this article should help you gain an understanding of both models to help you decide which is the right choice for your office.

Fixed Space Seating or The Cubicle System?

The Cubicle as we know it was introduced in the 1960s by designer and inventor Robert Propst as a way to combat the noise and lack of privacy associated with the large, open floor plans of that period’s offices. Propst viewed these open spaces as “wastelands” and thought that they sapped an employee’s vitality and blocked talent and creativity. His solution was to give all employees their own workspace which at the time was a luxury reserved for managers and executives. This style of desking created a place where employees could store their files and materials and create a feeling of belonging. However, over the years several other benefits were noticed as well as some detriments which we shall review.


While the best office cubicles provides you with a place to keep your files, computer and other materials it can also limit your ability to work outside the office or access your work from home. This can create problems especially when deadlines are just over the horizon, but this lack of flexibility only becomes an obstacle if working from home is already a factor, which isn’t very common in today’s fixed-space offices. Another arguing point against cubicles is that the increased privacy will distance employees from each other, reducing collaboration and impromptu congregation which can lead to breakthroughs and new ideas. While this may seem like a reasonable concern, there are several easy solutions to this problem such as offering a common area where employees can work as a team outside of their cubicles or using cubicle walls of varied heights to offer privacy only where it is needed. A study conducted by the University of Sydney however, which reviewed data from 42,000 employees in over 300 offices found that there was no real evidence to support the claim that a semi-private or even fully private workspace had any negative effect on the amount of interaction between workers and that those with their own space were generally more satisfied with their work environment. There is one undeniable drawback to giving every employee a cubicle and desk of their own though, the amount of space required to do so, especially in high density offices. Fixed space seating will require there to be a 1:1 ratio of cubicles to employees meaning every employee will have the cost of a cubicle and it’s floor space associated with them which could potentially lead to the need for expansion or relocation. This isn’t to say that cubicles are on their way out as a popular and effective use of office space by any means. Remember, they were originally invented to improve on the open floor plan and have shown their value through decades of successful use.

Hot Desking

“Hot Desking” or “Hotelling” as some call it, is a flexible workspace floor plan which has become popular especially in fast growing companies who may not have the resources or space needed to house all their employees at once. While the obvious benefits associated with this style of seat management may seem alluring to some it can also become a major problem and actually dramatically affect morale and efficiency in negative ways if not implemented properly and gradually under the careful management of strong leaders. There are many costs associated with transitioning to this style of seating and it is often met with vitriol and criticism about whether or not “Hot Desking” is even a productive or profitable endeavor.

A flexible floor plan is often a necessary investment to justify a design that includes mobile employees or those who do any significant amount of work from home, obviously it would be redundant to have a permanent workspace set up in the office for someone who is only on the premises for a few hours a week. Giving employees the ability to work outside the office and from the comfort of home can result in an increase in productivity but without competent management it can also be a catalyst for the exact opposite effect. Also, employees who work from home often have a sense that they are under more scrutiny than those who work in the office, leading to anxiety and feeling as though missing a call or not replying quickly enough to an email could label them as “slackers” among their peers.

Transitioning to flexible seating also has many substantial costs even if a cubicle system has never been implemented. Most companies who utilize flexible seating provide laptops to employees to replace dedicated CPUs which can be an enormous expense especially considering that the cost of a new laptop can easily surpass the cost of a comparable desktop unit. Along with the cost of the laptops themselves is the demand they create for a docking station to charge the units, this by itself can be very costly and often times these units are not truly universally compatible even when labeled and sold as such. Special workplace strategy training might also become a requirement and expense if employees do not immediately take to an open floor plan. The loss of a permanent workspace also eliminates the ability to give employees dedicated phone lines and may require an employer to provide cellular phones and coverage to their employees, again increasing costs and creating a recurring expense.

Many employers who use the “Hot Desking” system also have employees who do a significant amount of work from home, eliminating the need for them to come into the office and creating less employment cost for the employer (ie. Electricity, phone usage, plumbing facilities etc.). However, this does not completely eliminate the cost but rather transfers it to the worker who must now pay for the increased electricity they use at home as well as any other utility or goods that they consume during working hours. Working from home may also create a sense of a domestic prison where a person starts to feel as though they can never truly get away from their work.

Who Reigns Supreme?

In today’s business world the question of which seating system is the right choice for your office can be answered like many others, with more questions. Do you already have a Cubicle system in place? Are you currently expanding or do you plan on doing so in the near future? How much floor space does your office provide? Are you prepared for the costs each system presents? For very small offices I would suggest the more flexible “Hot Desk System” as jamming many cubicles into an already limited space can create claustrophobic feelings among your team and may end up hurting the morale and efficiency that the cubicles are intended to boost. On the other hand, larger areas of any shape often benefit from cubicles and implementing a fixed seating system can improve morale, workplace efficiency and employee collaboration as well as providing the ability to accommodate employees with special physical or technological needs. Before choosing either option though, it is highly recommended that as much research as possible is done to ensure a wise investment in the future of your business. A Skutchi Designs office planning expert can assist you with every step of your project, from concept to completion. Give us a call at 1-888-993-3757 or visit us online at to browse our inventory of over 2000 high quality office products from America’s most trusted brands in commercial furniture and accessories.