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Layout and design play a huge part in office productivity. What would you say is the most frustrating part of your workday? Is it the fact that your desk is conveniently placed next to the restroom? Or maybe you don’t like how far away from everything is placed from your desk. On a bad morning when everything is falling apart what small detail about your office will set you over the edge? Although your office could be aesthetically pleasing sometimes it may not be ideal for your productivity. Designing an office is more than what looks the best or what is within the budget.

So, if you find yourself in a scenario where your office just isn’t working for you, or you are planning to open a new office, here are a few office design tips and guidelines on where to start.

Plan Ahead When Designing

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Walking into a new space can bring so much inspiration and excitement, but if a space is not designed well it can easily become a disaster. So, when considering either moving into a new space or rearranging the one already existing, make sure to plan ahead. Understanding the space and knowing the dimensions you are working with is vital. This avoids mistakes in purchasing products that are to big or small for the area. Many companies will offer a space planning package with 2D and 3D renders of what the space might look like once any furniture is placed in the room. This is a great way to make sure that the office is up to standard code and meets all the needs of the company.


Be Flexible When Designing

It is important to consider the growth of the company within the next few years. Picking out office furniture should be fun, but sometimes it’s intimidating trying to plan for what an empty space “could” look like.

Consider using a demountable wall system. Demountable Wall Systems allow companies to create a space that is needed now with the option to add on (or take away) later. Since a demountable wall system is scalable and can easily be moved or reconfigured, adding or combining workspaces is an easy way to plan for the future now. Not to mention it can be more cost-efficient on your budget in the long run.

Quality Vs. Quantity

As previously mentioned, planning for the future can save you a ton of money in your overall budget. So, when purchasing office furniture, consider looking for quality vs quantity. There’s a lot of cheaply produced furniture products on the market… buyer beware! Yes, you may be able to order seven cheap desks for the same price as five quality built desks. But those five quality desks are going to last twice as long as the seven cheap ones.

Invest in your Employees Needs

Employees are the people who hold a company together. Making sure they are comfortable—and have every tool they need to be successful at their job—should be a top priority. This includes having furniture and a workspace layout that is conducive to efficiency, productivity, and creativity. Common use equipment such as copiers, fax machines, supply stations, etc. should be centrally located and equally accessible to everyone sharing the space. Tables, desks, and chairs should be comfortable, clean, and well maintained. Employees spend a sizable portion of their lives at work… it is important their basic needs are met. Opting for furniture that inhabits comfort and productivity will result in satisfaction to all employees.


Let Skutchi Designs Help You

Figuring out the right balance between what is budget-friendly and the needs of employees can be tough, but it is not impossible. In fact, with the help of professionals, it’s quite simple. Skutchi Designs is a one-stop shop for all your office needs. From space planning to purchase the furniture and installing it, Skutchi Designs has you covered. Our licensed and trained professionals work endlessly to create something every customer will love. All you have to do is submit a simple drawing with the workspace dimensions and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll do the rest!

If your office needs a few tweaks, a simple upgrade, or a major redesign give Skutchi Designs a call.