Halloween is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing...it’s definitely time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. For some, this is a stressful process. Are you going to make or buy? Do you want to be cute, funny, scary, or sexy? Is this idea appropriate for ALL of the Halloween parties I’ll be attending this year? The options are endless and I’ll admit, it’s a bit overwhelming.

So, I’ve decided to take some of the pressure off of you this year. I’ll suggest 10 of the best, most creative, and hilarious Halloween party costume ideas that are totally appropriate for your office party. They’re definitely fitting to the circumstance as well. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and hopefully one of these fantastic options catches your eye.

  1. Dwight Schrute

This couldn’t be more appropriate. What better costume for an office party than a character from “The Office?” One of my favorite characters, I might add. And, there isn’t a single person in your office that won’t recognize the reference. Now, get back to your office cubicle and get to work!

  1. Cookie Monster

So adorable! This cute, fun costume is also extremely simple to put together and everyone is sure to appreciate your contribution of cookies to the office party. This is the perfect ensemble to lighten the mood, encourage a few smiles, and slice the tension and stress of a typical, busy workday.

  1. Starbucks

We all know how essential our Starbucks is to get us through the workday. Why not be everyone’s dose of caffeine for the day? Beware, those are some big shoes to fill and the job comes with tons of responsibility. However, this costume is absolutely suitable for the workplace.

  1. Chill Pill

A few of your coworkers could probably benefit from a dose of a chill pill each morning. Today, you are that dose. Walk into the office and spread the smile. This costume is also exceptionally easy to fabricate and should take no time at all. The perfect solution for those last minute parties or seasoned procrastinators.

  1. Minions

Planning on coordinating costumes with a few of your coworkers? Here’s your solution. You probably already feel like your boss’s minions every day that you step into your cubicle anyway. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the analogy. Bonus: it’s another super easy outfit to put together.

  1. Sushi

Should we grab sushi for lunch? This is another great opportunity to coordinate with a few coworkers. A small group of you could make up a sushi tray. This funny and creative idea is definitely attention grabbing and picture worthy.

  1. Mary Poppins

There’s always room for a classic. Especially when it’s this fast and simple to design and create. You most likely already have some black leggings, heels, and skirt, and a white blouse and umbrella lying around somewhere. There’s only a few steps left to complete this iconic look.

  1. Clark Kent

This one’s for the guys. Sneak a Superman costume underneath your workday attire and you’re ready to go. You’ve now earned the title of “office hero.” But, only if you’ve brought the good party snacks.

  1. Arthur

Here’s another fun and adorable idea to trigger those childhood memories and look super cute while doing it. This endearing and work-appropriate costume is also comfortable and easy to assemble.

  1. 404

And, for those who never bothered to create a real costume, this one’s for you. What better place to evoke this lovely reference than the workplace. We’ve all seen this message appear on our monitors one too many times. This “costume” is definitely fitting for the circumstance.

Now you’re Halloween party ready! If you do decide to go with one of the choices above, get creative and add your own personal, unique touches to your Halloween costume. Enjoy this one day that you don’t have to show up to work in business attire and have fun with it. After all, it only comes around once a year. So, make this year’s costume worth it. Remember to have fun! Don’t forget to share your Halloween costume ideas and party pictures with us in the comments!