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  1. Thinking Inside The Box: The Life Of A Cubicle Specialist

    Thinking Inside The Box: The Life Of A Cubicle Specialist

    Starting a new job can be scary and intimidating. Especially when it’s your first real job right out of Coastal. Last week, I started my full-time job as a content marketing specialist at Skutchi Designs Inc...

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  2. Office Design Tips & Guidelines

    Office Design Tips & Guidelines

    Make sure to give Skutchi Designs a chance when designing your next project. We offer free space planning and office design services. Just give us your office layout dimensions or even just send us a picture...

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  3. Why Glass Cubicles Are The Best Choice For Your Office

    Why Glass Cubicles Are The Best Choice For Your Office

    Hey everyone! It’s me again, the cubicle specialist. So, I know you’ve all seen those articles and blog posts with pictures of the top office designs of the year or office trends of 2017/2018 featuring designer glass cubicles..

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  4. Office Cubicle Organization [Infographic]

    It's so relaxing and refreshing to be able to find what you're looking for on your desk at first

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  5. 25 Office Cubicle Organization Ideas

    25 Office Cubicle Organization Ideas

    Hey guys! It’s Taylor, the cubicle specialist here to share a few office cubicle organization ideas. I work in a cubicle too, of course and most of my work is done sitting behind a boring computer desk for eight hours a day.

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  6. Office Chair Ergonomics For 2018

    Office Chair Ergonomics For 2018

    As you read this article you are most likely seated at your computer in an office chair, leaned at least slightly forward with your head protruding further than your chest and ignoring the fact that your chair has built-in arm rests...

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  7. Emerald Reception Cubicles

    Emerald Reception Cubicles

    Your reception area is your clients’ or customers’ first impression of you and your company. So why not make it great? It’s the cubicle specialist again, and I’m going to tell you how to create a reception desk...

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  8. The Diamond Desking System

    The Diamond Desking System

    Hey guys, it’s the cubicle specialist here with your next desking system solution (calling myself that is probably going to go straight to me head, but oh well)! I’m here to introduce the Diamond desking system by cubicle landscapes...

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  9. 2018 Office Design Trends

    2018 Office Design Trends

    As the commercial design industry rapidly embraces new ways of thinking and more attention is shifted to employee comfort, retention and engagement than ever before, office designers are no longer only concerned with...

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  10. Welcome to the "New" Skutchi Blog!

    Welcome to the "New" Skutchi Blog!

    Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Skutchi blog. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about cubicles, office furniture, office design, and so many more related topics.

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