5 Office Design Tips For Startup Companies

When starting a new company, big or small, the budget for the building and supply is not usually quaint. Space is expensive and building, renovating or starting from scratch may not be within means.  

Many studies show that employees' health, satisfaction, and productivity are affected directly by the type of environment that they work in. This means it’s necessary when starting a business to make the right office design choices to best suit your workers.

Now everyone would love to work in an office that has a built-in gym, a slide, and a cafeteria, but that might not be within the budget.  However, there are ways to design an office that workers will not only be enthusiastic about but also be more productive in it as well. 

So what office design tips are beneficial for a startup company that is on a budget?

Tip 1: Ditch The Trends

Although it is tempting to try and figure out a way to incorporate a slide into your office, it may not be beneficial.  It is never a bad idea to stay up to date on your décor but creating a whole office due to a new trend that is currently happening is not the best idea. Nor is it budget-friendly.

As the open-office plan seems to be the hot new way to design your office, it dates all the way back to the 1920s, where offices were simply rows of the desk facing the boss’s desk at the front of the room. This was eventually done away with and offices evolved into quieter yet space-saving ways of working, such as the cubicle

This practice was done away with for many reasons, such as no personal space and increased distractions and higher noise levels.  This made it difficult to focus and be productive in a loud environment. 

Unless your new company can financially provide an open office plan AND an area that could still offer quiet spaces, skipping all the new trends is the best thing to do. 

Tip 2: Start from The Front

Whether your company plans to have frequent visitors or not, it is important to have a clean, professional-looking reception area. Creating something that will be inviting to any clients or guests that may be visiting or waiting. A clean, chic look can give off a polished, put together the first impression.

The reception desk should WOW any person that walks through the doors, as it will be the first thing that they see.  So, opting for a desk that is tall enough to hide any work that may be scattered out on the workspace is important.  A tall desk with a glass top is the perfect way to make your reception area look put together and modern. 

Not only should the desk itself be eye-appealing and organized, but so should the waiting area.  Even if you do not plan to have many people coming through the office, a nice seating area is a must. You don’t have to do rows of chairs and couches. A simple set of couches or a couch and decorative chair with a table in the middle will do the trick. 

Make sure to show your style and your brand in the reception area, this will set the mood for promoting your business.

Tip 3: Meeting and Conference Rooms

Though many companies are doing away with meetings; it is inevitable to have several people working on the same project that needs to collaborate with each other.  Therefore, it is important to have a meeting or conference room. There are many things that a business could go without, however, a space to meet is not one of them.

Investing in a nice meeting room can be beneficial for many tasks. These rooms are perfect for company-wide meetings, collaborative work, or even going through the interview process.  The large table provides ample space for anything that needs to be laid out and discussed.

It is important to create a space big enough for not only the current employees but also any potential growth your company may experience. 

Make sure you do not forget about any technology you plan to use in the conference room, such as TV and any adaptors needed to plug computers into tvs. 

Tip 4: Incorporate Your Brand

Foster your company pride and reinforce your brand by displaying it throughout your office. Your office speaks volumes about your company, especially if you have frequent guests coming in and out. Designing a space that promotes what you sell or do will display your passion and enthusiasm for your work.

Using your logo and slogans as office décor is a great idea, however, be careful as it could easily become overkill. Making one statement wall is perfect for displaying your logo and your mission statement.  Then you can add your colors within your office furniture, walls, and organization.

It does not take much for it to be done tastefully, just a couple of well thought out pieces will do the trick. Your business should look uniform outside of the office as well as inside.

Tip 5: Plan For A Clean Space

One of the main problems in many offices is not that space itself is too small, but more so things are misplaced and cluttered. This creates a lot of frustration for workers because they may start to feel cramped and overwhelmed. 

Installing more storage than you currently need will ensure that when your company starts to rapidly grow you will be ready and prepared to take on everything that it needs to.  You can provide standalone filing cabinets as well as under the desk or an overhead piece. 

If there is not enough space to keep all the filing cabinets you need, try storing all documents possible in a cloud. This way it frees up floor space for more desks.  

Many suggest having a catch-all bend for miscellaneous paperwork and items, however, this has a tendency of pilling up and becoming cluttered. Make sure that everything has a home, so it is not floating around.

Starting a new business is exnihilating and terrifying all at the same time. Have high expectations for your new office, but don’t stress if you cannot afford everything you wanted just yet. You are just getting started, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to afford it forever. 

Designing can be overwhelming sometimes but sticking to these 5 simple tips will help you avoid falling down the rabbit hole of office design that many new companies do. By taking a thoughtful approach that compliments your business and your employees, your startup will be not only innovative but also successful.