6 Signs It's Time To Update Your Office Furniture

With a big sigh, you glance to your right and left, up and down and just shrug and think “our office is falling apart.” Duct tape holds together most of your furniture and there are papers everywhere. Although you have tried for quite some time, you cannot deny reality anymore; you are in desperate need of upgrading your office and its furniture. You wonder how it got so bad, and it seems like just yesterday you bought a new reception desk. If you think your office is an unorganized, unproductive mess, don’t worry you are not alone, your employees probably think so too. Here are 6 signs that it is time to update your office furniture and where to start.

Your Space Is Always A Mess

Maybe the size of the office is not the problem, it could just be the way you have it set up. If the desk is scattered throughout every area without any real structure, it will seem to get crammed and cluttered quickly. Creating a space that not only flows but also has storage and can comfortably fit a lot of desks, can be done a lot easier than most would think. Many office furniture companies offer a design layout of exactly what your office would look like with their desking systems in place.

Putting in more storage weather it is desk storage or filing cabinets is always a good idea. The only way to maintain a clean office space is if everything has a home. Although this may seem like it will just take up more space inside of the office, many cabinets are made to fit under the desk comfortably, so it is not taking up any extra square feet, while still being very accessible to the employees.

Moving Locations

Companies move for several reasons, for better revenue, to reach new markets and to solve workforce issues. You do not want to enter a new location bearing the same problems you had in the last. Another problem you could run into moving locations is your current office furniture may not be able to be disassembled or put back together. If this is the case and you are purchasing more furniture, offering more options to your employees to better fit their needs is vital. Some may like working in a group, or some may do better working alone. While you can offer a conference room or collaboration area on one side of the office, you could have cubicles or private offices on the other side.

Creating an environment that offers both will increase your productivity in the office. Not only can you offer different areas to work for your employees, but you could also offer them a variety of desk options too. The sit stand desk is great for those who may get restless throughout the day and feel the need to move. These sit and stand desk can also fit into many of the cubicles and private offices, so you can keep the floor plan you have in mind as well as having options for your employees.

Out of Date

The equipment and furniture used at the office speak volumes about the office culture. Companies with outdated office furniture are often viewed as being cheap or ignoring their worker's needs. If customers or clients are in and out of your office, you want to make a lasting impression on them, bad décor and old office furniture is not what you want them to think about. An outdated office could potentially lead to your customers believing you run your company on the same outdated tactics. Losing customers due to the way your company presents itself is never an ideal situation. So, ditching the old wallpaper and desk that are falling apart is important to your company’s culture.

Not Team Friendly

If your business heavily relies on collaboration and group efforts of a project, then it is a must for you to offer a conference room of some sort. This way they can freely work with each other without causing a distraction within the main office. If your company does not have the need for these areas, make sure you are still creating enough space in the office where two to three people can comfortably be at one station if the need ever arises.

Offering an outside working space is always a good idea. If you’re in a very demanding and creative environment, offering a space to clear your mind and escape from everyone else and just work is a great option for workers to have. This can be done by simply offering metal tables or even just placing a few picnic tables outside for them to work at.

It’s A Safety Hazard

Many may not think of office furniture as being a safety hazard unfortunately it is. If you have too many desks in an area and they are not properly spaced with walkways of at least 42 inches, you are in harm of breaking code. However, the walkways are not the only thing that could be a safety hazard. Having desk or monitors that are out of date, hard to see, and not the right height can put your eyes at risk for strain. Having a mounted monitor allows each person to adjust their screen to fit their needs. Some may even experience back and neck pains from old chairs, so opting for the new ergonomics is a wise choice. Making sure employees have enough space to work is important, you don’t want to experience an accident or injury because of how the office is set up.

Cheap or Poorly Made

If you find yourself having to replace certain furniture that keeps breaking it is time for a new design. Although convenient, cheap furniture is not the way to go, you will end up paying more in the long run. Opting for solid wood, not only will it last, you can have someone come and assemble it for you as well. Cheap furniture is not just cheap, but it looks cheap and is made poorly too. Nice, durable office furniture can be higher in cost, there are many benefits that come with it. You will not have to replace it as often, it gives your office a sleek and professional look, and in some cases, you can use it as a tax write-off.

Though upgrading your office and its furniture can be a daunting task, it does not have to be. Let the professionals help you. After all, that is what they are there to do. You can give them your current layout and within a couple of days could possibly have your new office being shipped to you with someone coming to set it up. All the hassle is taken out for you. This way you can continue business and have a new, fresh looking office in no time. So, if you find yourself or your office falling victim to any of these 6 signs do not fret, everything will have a home soon.