Black Rock Realty

Customer Testimonials and Product Reviews

Black Rock Realty Group

"Amy made design and selection experience easy and a true pleasure. We are thrilled with the quality and look of the product. Thanks to Amy and the SKUTCHI Designs Inc. team.

- Clif G.

When the folks from Black Rock Realty Group contacted us about creating cubicle space inside their office, our professional office designers were up to the task.

They were presented with several options to solve their workspace problem, but eventually decided to go with a 4-person call center setup featuring our Emerald Cubicle Collection. This setup features 65" high divider walls cover in tackable, silver fabrics, tempered glass panel "toppers", white laminate work surfaces, task chairs, and pedestal filing cabinets with locking drawers.

We here at SKUTCHI Designs Inc. appreciate the folks at Black Rock Realty Group allowing us to earn their business. Give us a call and let us help you with your next project.