Hey everyone, it’s the cubicle specialist again. Let’s talk about the dreaded call center cubicle. Of course, no one dreams of working in a call center cubicle one day, but if you do end up in a busy call center with rows upon rows of tiny cubicles that barely even fit your chair, wouldn’t you rather have the best of the best? Today, I’m going to introduce you to “the best:” the Emerald cubicle system’s call center cubicles by cubicle landscapes. Customize your ideal telemarketing cubicle or small office cubicle by choosing from our numerous color, height, dimension, laminate, and seating options. That’s a lot of choices you get to make. Call centers require a high volume of workspaces in a single office space, and Skutchi Designs has just that. The path to customizing your next call center cubicle or cubicles, begins here.

The Emerald cubicle system’s call center cubicles are extremely customizable, like all other cubicle landscapes cubicles. It all begins by choosing your seating option. We have options available that seat up to ten people (ten separate cubicles, all sold together and attach during installation). If you need 70 telemarketing cubicles ASAP, I recommend choosing the largest seating option. However, you also have the option to choose cubicles that only seat one or two people. Next, choose your cubicle height and dimensions. Height options range from 39” to 65” tall. These options were created so you can create your perfect blend of privacy and collaboration with standing privacy, sitting privacy, semi-privacy, and teaming cubicles. Our cubicle dimensions range from 2x3 to 3x6 with plenty of options in between. So, whether you need to squeeze 70 workspaces into a tiny space or create a private workspace for all ten of your employees and give them each room for a computer, a phone, and desktop accessories, we have what you’re looking for. And a small piece of advice, employees will prefer the larger dimensions over climbing into their personal box among the long row of their coworkers’ identical boxes. After you’ve chosen a height and dimensions, it’s time to choose your cubicle fabric panel color and laminate desktop. Skutchi has an abundance of fabric colors and laminate options, with quickship options available as well; just in case you need your cubicles sooner than later. You also have the option to create a two-tone fabric panel or choose glass-top panels. During installation, you can even customize your desk height. And of course, we offer storage solutions. File pedestals can slide perfectly under your cubicle desk. For additional storage, attach an overhead storage shelf. This would also be a great spot to show off your decorations and accessories. Now you understand why this is the telemarketing cubicle you’d want to work in.

Now that I’ve told you everything there is to now about the Emerald cubicle system call center cubicle, it’s time to start customizing. Fill your old, empty, or out-of-date office space with your brand-new cubicle landscapes telemarketing cubicles. I’ve never had the luxury of working in a small office cubicle. I never thought it would be a good choice for me because I would rather not talk to people, especially over the phone. But, if you never run out of things to say and you don’t have the opportunity to get enough words out in one day, I recommend becoming a telemarketer. And when you do, I hope you’re lucky enough to work in a Skutchi Designs call center cubicle. In fact, these cubicles might even make you actually want to work in a call center.