Christmas in the Cubicle: Decorating Your Cube on a Budget

Yes… the hustle and bustle of the holiday season have begun—which means decorating for Christmas—at home and the office. But are your spirits “holly jolly” at home but “bah humbug” once you get to work? It’s not surprising. Every year Christmas gets pricier and pricier. So even though you’d like to have those Yuletide ornamentations at work, you know you need to be conscious of how much you spend!

So, if you are looking to bring the Christmas spirit into your office (but do so on a budget) then you’re on the right blog.

Incorporate Holiday Scents in Your Cube

While not every office will allow employees to decorate their office or cubicle, there are several ways to incorporate holiday scents without being overbearing. Just like pumpkin spice is the chosen scent for fall, the smell of gingerbread, Douglas fir and peppermint are attached to the Christmas season. You can introduce the holiday spirit around your office space by simply burning a candle or diffusing some essential oils. If you’re feeling especially generous, you could bake appropriately scented treats for the office. Not only will your coworkers love you for the baked goods, but it will also bring the “smells of Christmas” into your workspace. If you do decide to implement the use of essential oils or candles into your office, remember to be considerate of co-workers and not be overbearing with the amount of fragrance(s) being released. Just a few, cost-effective ways to have the smells of Christmas without actually having to purchase a real Christmas tree.

Add Pops of Color to Your Cubicle

Reds and greens are widely associated with the Christmas season. try adding a few elements or decorations to your cube which incorporate these colors, you’ll ensure a festive welcome of the Christmas spirit! This can be as easy as rotating an attractive red or green mug into your collection or try adding a throw pillow with reindeer to your chair. Combining simple tchotchkes to your space can create that perfect amount of decoration without going overboard and becoming tacky. Don’t forget… small desktop knickknacks can be found at the local Dollar Tree or similar retailers. Things ranging from small picture frames or strands of candy cane garland to hang on cubicle walls can be found for as little as $1-3 dollars.

Grab a SMALL Christmas Tree for Your Cube

Nothing says Christmas like a beautifully decorated tree. While most employees will not have the time nor space to put up a tree in their office, they could, however, consider a small tree to sit upon their desks. There’s a wide variety of options for small, affordable trees—only inches high—to fit right on top of nearly any desk. Just make sure the tree isn’t intrusive if you share a workspace or interfere with productivity. Small trees can be found in many places, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and many more. Find one which fits your personal style; you could opt for something traditional or go for an all-sparkle, LED tree. There’s all kinds of choices when you start looking. Most of which you can purchase for as little as $5 bucks at some places.

Hang Lights Around the Cubical Walls

Isn’t there something about Christmas lights which brings a certain glow to everyone? This is the time of the year Christmas lights can be found nearly everywhere, but if you’re looking for something to fit your cube, try looking online for your perfect dimensions; they’re usually available at a reasonable price for only a few strands. Depending on size, grab a strand of lights or even icicle lights and wrap them around the walls of your cubicle. This will create a cozy, serene vibe around your work are in hopes of enhancing concentration. Not every company is okay with hanging lights, so make sure it’s okay, first! It really can add to the mood of the holidays. If you’re anything like me, going overboard with lights is a little too easy. Try to make sure the lights aren’t a distraction for others and be considerate when, where, and how much is too much when hanging them.

Share Your Joy with SKUTCHI Designs Inc.

Christmas time is tokened to be, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”! If you find yourself decorating your office cubicle, share your excitement and creativity with us here at SKUTCHI Designs Inc. Send us pictures or a video of what you did around your office to spread the joy. Send us an e-mail at We hope everyone has a safe and memorable Christmas!