Gunnison County Electric Association

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Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA)

5 Star Review

Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) is a non-profit, member-owned rural electric cooperative. It was established on September 21, 1938 by a group of local ranchers who wanted to bring electricity to the Gunnison Valley. The first lines were energized on December 6, 1941.

They worked with our professional office designers to transform a corner of their office into a seperate work area using our
Sapphire Wall System. GCEA purchased two, 108" high walls and added a mixture of sea salt patterned laminates and tempered glass panel "toppers". Added to one of these walls was a sliding acrylic door with floor-mounted lock to enhance the privacy of the newly created room. They were able to assemble these two walls themselves utilizing the installation videos provided on our website and saved themselves some money foregoing having an installation contractor come in and do it for them!

This was a great project for our entire team to work on and we appreciate the good folks at Gunnison County Electric Association for choosing SKUTCHI Designs Inc. to transform their workspace.