Everyone craves that sleek, modern office look. It gives off a professional and neat impression to anyone who walks into your office space. Clients, customers, and guests are immediately impressed by your style and interior design. So, have you been wondering how to achieve this look? How to turn heads with the layout and design of your office space? It’s the cubicle specialist here to tell you how to create that modern workspace look that you desire. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Just a few design tips and specific office cubicle system, desking, and office options to help you achieve an upscale and professional appearance. Okay, let’s get started.

First, let’s start with colors. Stick to simple, elegant, and sleek when it comes to choosing basically anything for a modern and fun work environment. You don’t want orange or royal blue panels on your cubicles or office walls. Stick to the basics; white, black, gray, even dark brown in some cases (flooring or worksurfaces). Remember, you want to portray a sleek, elegant, and professional style. Instead of making individual things capture attention (i.e. bright walls, cubicle panels, bright colored decorations) you want the space as a whole to capture visitors’ attention. So, your basic color rules: no bright colors, stick to black, white, silver, or gray, and go with a dark or white worksurface. And, it’s very important to keep your space organized and neat. A messy and disorganized office space destroys the whole look. Papers and file folders scattered everywhere and employees scrambling to find things is not very professional.

When choosing your office or cubicle system, it’s important to continue that simple but elegant look. Skutchi Designs’ Sapphire cubicle system is a very modern cubicle system. There are glass-top panel options, plenty of color choices, storage solutions, and silver trim. Stick to simple and neutral color patterns and either dark or white worksurfaces and your cubicles will complete the look. Even more specifically, the Sapphire system offers the demountable wall system. This completely customizable system allows you to create offices, cubicles, conference rooms, huddle rooms, room dividers, or virtually any room or office space that you may need with all glass panels. You can also customize the amount of solid, laminate panels you’d like to add or include fabric panels to aid with acoustics and more efficiently control noise and distraction in your workplace. Even add sliding doors to your private offices. If you do decide to choose solid or fabric panels, remember the color scheme rules from before. Even add customizable glass-etching to your panels for a more personalized look. The glass panels that the demountable wall system offers are extremely modern and elegant looking and the glass office idea has so many benefits. If you read my previous blog post, “Why Glass Cubicles are the Best Choice for You,” you’d know all about these many benefits, so I won’t get into those.


If you’re going for more of a minimalist look or if you have a smaller office space and need a more condensed method of squeezing the right number of workspaces into your small space, the Diamond desking system may better suit your space. This system achieves a sleek and minimalist look. Again, you’ll want to choose white or dark worksurfaces (I recommend white) and neutral or glass privacy screens and fabric colors. Don’t worry about storage, there are plenty of optional storage solutions that can be included into this desking system, keeping your workspaces organized and clutter-free. Again, the blog post, “The Diamond Desking System,” will go more in depth about the benefits and features of this particular Cubicle Landscapes’ system.

Now, let’s talk seating. We’re still sticking with a minimalist and sleek look, so black or white desk chairs and seating throughout your office will look best in your updated office space. Try to stay away from those big, chunky traditional leather chairs. Not that you have to avoid leather altogether, but try to find something thinner, smaller, and lightweight to better adjust to the new design of your space. The silver or black metal trim, legs, and wheels on your chair will help complete the look.

Decorating is probably your favorite part. Once your cubicle systems, offices, desking systems, and seating are in place, it’s time to complete the look with accessories. Hang artwork, bring in live plants, and be creative when decorating. However, continue the pattern of neutral colors. If you want to add a personal or unique touch, search for creative design solutions. For example, Skutchi Deigns offers a few acoustic lighting systems and room dividers or privacy panels with a very neutral color, but very unique patterns. For example, the BUZZILIGHT is an eye-catching and unique acoustic hanging light and is offered in off-white and stone gray. BUZZIFALLS are creative hanging acoustic panels that are also offered in neutral colors. Or, my personal favorite, the WAVEwall is a simple, white acoustic privacy panel, but in a unique wave pattern to give your office space a unique touch. Throw in a few decorations or office accessories like this to give your modern office a personalized and unique touch.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks for creating your modern, elegant, and professional office space, it’s time to start customizing, designing, and decorating. Create your dream office space that captures attention and turns heads with its professional impression and elegant interior design. Add personal touches with unique decoration and accessories. Stick with minimalist offices, desking systems, and/or cubicle systems, and seating with neutral colors. And remember, organization and basic appearance is key. Keep a clean and neat office. Uphold your professional look in all aspects of your office, from the reception area, to desk and office organization, to employee appearance. Lastly, it’s time to take-in, enjoy, and take pride in the beautiful modern office space that you’ve created.