How To Enjoy Summer While In The Office

With the days getting longer and the rapid heat approaching, we are all starting to feel like summer is upon us. It is not long until we will no longer have to desire for the warmth or to be on a beach because of its right around the corner. However, if you are stuck working in an office while everyone else is outside enjoying the sun, you may not be particularly excited about summer. You may even feel like you are missing out. So, if you are in the same boat as the rest of us, and it is summer outside and the artic in the office, here are a few tips to not feel left out this summer.  

Start With Your Wardrobe:

Although it may be winter in your office, it is still nice to switch your wardrobe after a change of season. Doing this subconsciously sends the message to your brain that it’s summertime, even if it doesn’t feel like it within the office. Depending on where you live you may have a very mild summer, however, others may experience intense heat and humidity. So, dressing in certain types of clothing can assure you that you will be comfortable inside and out.

Types Of Clothes:

To be comfortable when you are in the heat outside, you want to navigate towards breathable materials. This could range from linen, silk, viscose/rayon, and light cotton. These materials will allow air to flow through, so you are not trapping in heat. All these materials are light enough to layer, this way you will not have to worry about looking unprofessional or being cold in the office.

Fits Of Clothing:

Along with the types of clothing you are wearing into the office to stay cool, the fits of your clothes are just as important. Though wearing more fitted pieces might be what you are used to, if you opt for a more loose, flowy materials it is much more breathable. Items that cling to your skin will trap the heat inside causing you to sweat. If you must wear pants or something fitted, try a stretchy material that is a lighter color. This too will help with keeping you cool and still allow you to feel your best.  

Style Of Clothes:

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of wearing the same things repeatedly, however, it is summer, and it should be celebrated. After all, it is when the whole world gets brighter, lighter, and more colorful. Don’t be afraid to add in pops of color to your wardrobe. This is also a great time to try out many different styles, patterns, and prints. Just remember, you are still in an office setting, so showing up in a neon yellow full zebra suit may not be appropriate.  

Women can start to wear sundresses, maxi dresses, skirts with capped sleeve and even lined pants or chinos.  If you work in a stricter environment, throw a blazer over the dress or top to make it a bit more appropriate.  For men, short sleeve pullovers and summer-weight dress shirts are always a goon option. Men can also wear chinos, but if you work in a strict office, opt for a non-lined suit. This will keep you cool, and you will not stray away from your suit.  

Switch Up Your Normal:

If you’re working in an office, chances are you are drinking coffee every day to stay alive. But it is summertime and it is time to shake things up a bit. Now we would NEVER recommend doing away with your coffee and try to bare the day without it but try giving it a new twist.  If you usually go for coffee with a nice creamer try an iced coffee with a new flavor. Or if you are an avid water drinker, trying to make some fruit infused water. The best part about this is not only done it has great health benefits; you can also change it to so many things. You can start with strawberries, add in cucumber, the mixtures are endless. Adding fruit infused water to your day will leave you feeling refreshed and summery in no time.

Spend Time Outside:

Being cooped up in an office all day may not be good for your mental health, especially if you already feel like you are missing out on something. A change of scenery can make a world of difference. Try eating lunch in a new place, and if it is not to hot out, try even eating outside somewhere in the shade. Even if you eat inside, try and take a couple of minutes throughout the day to step outside and take a short walk. If it is possible even try changing your commute, whether you take a more scenic route, or even bike or jog to work.  

Inside Of The Office:

If you find yourself sitting at your desking pondering on what you would rather be doing with your time, you are not alone. It is normal to get tired of the normal. With that being said, spice things up at your desk by adding some new pieces. Bring in a plant to add some variety. Not only does it bring in a bit of color and happiness to the office, but it also provides some fresh, clean oxygen. Even if you are unable to physically be outside, you will feel a little better if you can see some type of greenery inside. You could also try adding some lights or a lamp at your desk to give you the sunnier and brighter vibe at your desk.

Bring In Fun Foods:

Nothing says summer like ice-cream and popsicles. Instead of grabbing your normal afternoon snack, swap it for some ice-cream or a cold treat.  Not only is it nice and fun with the weather, but it is also an afternoon pick me up as well. When the weather gets hotter the food seems to get colder and lighter. This is because hot and carb-heavy food makes us feel uncomfortable and tired.  Opting for light and meals that are served cold not only is easier on your digestion system but also makes you feel like you're enjoying summer.

Take Time Off:

Schedule your vacation time to where you can take a few days off to go on a vacation and enjoy the summer. If going on a vacation is not an option for you, do a staycation.  Time off is important, and you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on everything just because of work.  Creating a good work-home life balance is vital.

Summer is a fun time and it does not have to feel ruined just because you are at work. You can enjoy yourself during the summer by implementing a few changes in your work life. Bringing new snacks and decorations, getting outside more just to breathe the fresh, hot air, or even just having a plant in your office can make a big difference. So, this summer brings fun to your office and enjoy the hot weather while it lasts.