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Warm weather, sun-kissed skin, longer days, beach vacations, cookouts and bonfires. I’m talking about summer of course. Everyone’s favorite time of year. Unless, you’re stuck trapped inside your office cubicle instead of soaking up the sun in a bikini on a beach somewhere.

Do you feel like you’re wasting the months watching the long summer days pass you by as you’re tucked behind your cubicle panels, drowning in files when you’d rather be lying on the beach drowning in margaritas? Unfortunately, margaritas are frowned upon in the workplace, however, I may have a few other solutions to help you soak up the summer before its gone (without losing your job in the process).

Open the windows

Summer means riding around with sunglasses on and windows down. Why should the office be any different? Open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and warm summer breeze on your skin. As a small precaution, you may also want to keep a small fan on or near your desk. The sun can be pretty powerful around 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m assuming you would rather not be suffering heat exhaustion at your desk. That may make your tasks at hand difficult to complete.

Bring the outdoors in

Introduce live plants and colorful flowers to your dark, dull cubicle to add a little piece of the outdoors to your workspace and brighten up both your cubicle and your day.

Summer snacks

Always keep your minifridge stocked with plenty of summertime foods and drinks, such as smoothies, fruit, juice, popsicles, fruit-infused waters, and iced coffee. Check out even more delicious summer snack ideas here.

Replace your mid-morning coffee run with an ice cream break

I’m not suggesting you give up your morning coffee altogether; that would be absurd. However, a quick ice cream break can do just as much to uplift your mood as coffee. Additionally, the cold, mouthwatering treat will really force you into the seasonal spirit no matter where you’re forced to eat that ice cream (including your office cubicle).

Use your lunch break wisely

Take advantage of the free time to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Eat your lunch outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Match your playlist to the season

If you’re one of those people (like me) who listens to music while you’re working, listen to songs that help set the summertime mood. I listen to Pandora every day. One of my favorite stations is “summer hits of the 90s” or sometimes, “summer hits of the 2000s.” However, there are plenty of other great selections, or you could create your own playlist and fill it with any songs that remind you of summer.

Turn off those obnoxious fluorescent lights

I don’t think anyone would disagree, we’d much rather have natural light flooding through the office than be forced to endure those overbearing fluorescent lights any longer. So, turn off the lights and open the blinds. If your cubicle is slightly more caged off than you would like, limiting your exposure to natural light, utilize a desk lamp as well. Anything is better that those overhead office lights.

Switch-up your wardrobe

Dress for the season! Yes, this means no more blazers. If you need a little help putting together a summer outfit that still qualifies as “business attire,” check out a few of these suggestions. Utilize floral prints, fun patterns, pastels, and pops of color. Talk to your boss about changing “casual Friday” to “Hawaiian shirt day” or “luau day” as well for a fun way to mix it up and get everyone in a summer state of mind.

Change your desktop wallpaper

Yes, it really can be this simple. Switch your standard, conventional desktop background to an artsy or personal beach picture. You’d also be surprised at the effect that a cute, fun desktop wallpaper can have on your mood. At the very least, it’ll put the occasional smile on your face when your work day seems to be dragging on. Find one you like and download it ASAP.

Décor that matches the outdoors

Lastly, incorporate some fun, bright, warm, and colorful décor that matches the season into your cubicle. Here are a few great décor ideas you’ll probably enjoy.

Just because your “adult schedule” forces you to work throughout those perfect summer days doesn’t mean you have to skip the entire season. Bring a piece of summer to the office and enjoy a few of the benefits right from your cubicle. You might even forget you’re actually at work for a minute.