Importance of Using A Design Service When Moving into A New Office

More times than not, redesigning your workplace ends up becoming more overwhelming than exciting. The idea of taking an old space and transforming it into something new is fun to think about. The reality is, however, there are a thousand decisions you’ll need to make and a thousand more questions you don’t even realize you’ll need to ask. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the design and décor aspect of reimagining an office at the expense of more practical concerns such as functionality and productivity. Sure, Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration, but as is the reality with most social media platforms, what you’re seeing doesn’t really reflect what went into making that image or Pin look so appealing (Pinterest “Fails” are a real thing, people). On the other side of the office redesign coin, it’s easy to overlook the impact productivity, work culture, brand awareness, and the individual needs of employees should have in your redesign ideas.

So, if you’re going to take the plunge and design a new space, let a professional office planner or design service do it for you. Here are a few simple reasons why:

Professional Office Planning Services Focus on Productivity

When it comes to planning an office, the single most important consideration to keep in mind is making sure all employees are comfortable and can be productive. Office design planners will usually start with the total number of employees you need to accommodate, what groups or departments they work for, and how your different departments work together as a whole.

Obviously, groups or departments who work more closely with one another need to be closer to each other. Sales staff who spend a great deal of their day talking on phones may need to be further away from other employees for the sake of noise pollution reduction, while a marketing team may need a collaborative space in which to communicate about their projects. Managers and supervisors may need the isolation of encapsulated office walls within their departments.

So basically, once you’ve worked out with your planner exactly who the project will accommodate, what they do, who they do it with most, and why… it will give you a much better chance to bringing your project to life for the benefit of everyone involved.

Professional Office Planning, Safety and Compliance

It is also important to note the many and extremely specific building and fire codes each office must abide by. These codes may vary from city to state to federal statutes such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, so handing off these potential headaches to a professional who is familiar with all the codes is always a great idea. The standard codes used for main walkways for fire escapes or routes is 42 inches, and for any other walkway, it must be at least 3 feet. Other standards such as chair radius requirements and running electrical and data network cables through demountable walls (such as our Sapphire Wall System) all depend on an individual project. Letting space planners figure out all the in’s and out’s is the best decision so you can focus on your business.

Balancing Personalization, Performance, and Function with Office Space Planning

It would be great if every workspace could be specifically tailored to fit each employee’s personality or needs, but that’s more or less impossible when talking about larger businesses with dozens or hundreds of people. You need to determine, upfront, what each employee’s or department’s top priority might be for enhancing their productivity. What daily annoyance must be overcome in order for a project to be completed or a sale to go through? Is it too much noise pollution? Is it the constant walkthrough traffic in your creative team’s area? The inability for people in a specific department to effectively communicate with one another. Perhaps it’s a lack of a reception area for potential guests or clients?

The benefit of working with a professional design service team (such as SKUTCHI Designs Inc.) is they can help make sure your space meets the needed requirements of your employees while increasing productivity and communication.

Having the input of professional’s recommendations can be the difference between an effective, beneficial, well-lit, and dynamic workspace to finding yourself in a “Pinterest Fail” type situation. The last thing you want is to put countless hours, effort, and money into reinventing the wheel only to have it turn out disappointing or creating a bigger problem than you had before.

Installation of Your Professionally Designed Office

While it might be enjoyable taking a few hours to put together your new filing cabinet or a dual monitor set up, repeating it twenty times for the other stations in the office could prove to be a nightmare. When it comes to the installation, a specialist design service (such as SKUTCHI Designs Inc.) partner with skilled installation contractors all over the country. They provide the setup and tear down needs your new space requires. This ensures everything is done correctly and quickly for as little downtime as possible. The design team ships the products directly to the installer, the installer handles it from there. There is very little downtime working with installers, most projects, depending on the size can be done after hours or on the weekend.

Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. Design Your New Office

Professional Office Design and Space Planning Services

At SKUTCHI Designs Inc. we proudly offer an all-inclusive design service from picking out tiles, laminates, walls, desk, chairs, and even accessories. All that is needed from the customer is the dimensions of their room. From that, we will create the office you desire. We can work with any budget in any city in North America. To get started on your new office give SKUTCH Designs Inc. a call today.