As you all know, the Carolinas have been dealing with extreme flooding over the past few weeks as a repercussion of Hurricane Florence. This post is different than others that you would normally see on the Skutchi blog, however, we felt it was important to share our perspective on how the Myrtle Beach community has handled this disaster.

Hurricane Florence

While Hurricane Florence struck the Carolina coast and outlying areas September 13th through 15th, some of the worst damage is continuing to move in slow motion weeks later. After the storm had passed, local residents felt relieved after most of their community was left standing, unaware that much of the devastation was still to come.

The Myrtle Beach community is facing record flooding as the Waccamaw River rises and flows through the streets of the Grand Strand.

Carolina Strong

Although we at Skutchi Designs have been fortunate enough to evade the most harmful effects of Florence, we’ve witnessed neighbors, friends, and fellow business owners suffer the consequences of the catastrophic flooding. However, to little surprise, our local community has grown stronger in the face of disaster.

Myrtle Beach locals have volunteered their time to collect and deliver sandbags to residents expecting flooding and donating supplies to victims of the hurricane. Recipients have been exceptionally grateful for the help and support of their community. The Midtown Inn & Cottages on 8th Avenue N. in Myrtle Beach even opened its doors and offered free hotel rooms to those forced out of their homes due to flooding. The hotel also went against its normal policy and allowed pets due to current circumstances.

How Can You Help?

Myrtle Beach locals have gone above and beyond for their community members, demonstrating the true meaning of “Carolina Strong.” Wondering what you can do to help too?

  • You can join one of the many volunteer groups in the area or start your own small group to collect and deliver sandbags and donate supplies. There are many groups out there accepting donations.

  • Travel in and out of the area is extremely limited right now, so support local businesses by shopping and dining in the area. We live in a tourist-centric area, however, tourism is strictly limited during this time. Small business owners appreciate your business.

  • Donate to a recovery fund.

    • Click here to find out more about the “Help the Grand Strand” disaster recovery fund and donate.

    • Click here to purchase a Hurricane Florence relief t-shirt. Proceeds are donated to victims of the hurricane.

    • Click here to find out more about and donate to Waccamaw VOAD.

Resources to aid hurricane victims are far from limited. There are many ways to help the people and animals who were affected by Hurricane Florence.

All of us here at Skutchi Designs wanted to take this time to say how proud we are to be a part of such a strong community which looks out for and supports one another through times of disaster. Carolina Strong!