The Advantages of a Phone/Private Booth for an Open Office

Privacy rooms frequently called phone booths or privacy booths, are a new trend for open floor plans. Have you ever been in the middle of your workday when you realize you keep losing focus of what you’re working on? Was it because of the relentless distractions around you? Was it because of the loud talker in the cubicle next to you? Was it because of the relentless YouTube videos playing on your coworker’s screen? The constant “BBBZZZZTTT BBBZZZZTTT” of incoming texts and notifications from mobile phones around the office? It happens to everyone and probably more than it should.

Phone and/or privacy booths provide a temporary space for people and employees who need to focus on the task or tasks at hand, temporarily eliminate common distractions affecting focus and productivity, or provide a reduced noise environment to communicate with customers and clients. Here are a few of the advantages of adding a phone booth into your current office.

Preserve Employees Focus with Privacy Booths

Being able to sit down and focus on the task at hand in an office built for collaborative work is tough, but not impossible. Adding a privacy booth to the office allows easily or often distracted employees to escape from the current environment and focus on what really matters. It could be finishing the task at hand or even just reclaiming mental clarity. Allowing an employee to work uninterrupted leads to a higher productivity rate. It’s estimated it can take over 20-minutes to renew focus after an interruption during the workday. Giving employees the option of using these types of booths to eliminate distractions and enjoy a quality session of deep, focused work.

Exercise Greater Control Over Employee and Client Engagement

With more than 70% of offices now utilizing some form of an open floor plan, it’s almost impossible to find a quiet place to have a phone conversation with a client. Office background noise makes it hard to hear and can come off as unprofessional to the person with whom you’re speaking. Clients want your undivided attention, they want to know they are your priority, their time is as important to them as your attention is… so having a quiet, distraction-free space to communicate within is best. This is especially true with video calls and conferencing as well. The last thing a potential client needs to see is Jim from Product Development setting his Fantasy Football lineup for week 8 in the background of a video conference call! The privacy/phone booths ideal for the have those important discussions with the clients.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Companies featuring eco-friendly products and work environments are becoming an increasingly huge draw for potential job seekers and customers alike. More and more, companies are finally making efforts to go green with their office interiors and furniture purchases. SKUTCHI Designs Inc. features phone/privacy booths including eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as sound-dampening products made from recycled plastic and are designed to circulate natural airflow rather than building an electric fan into the system to do so. The systems can be created to be fun, bright colors or to match the rest of your office.

Modernize Your Office to Attract A Newer Generation of Workers

Companies who are trying to keep up with current trends and attract a newer generation of workers should consider the benefits of more modern office design as well as adding a privacy/ phone booth to their office. Make a clear statement your company is up to date with workspace design and invest in their employees’ productivity. Creating a space which offers opportunities for collaboration as well as privacy is ideal; everyone works differently… so having options is the safe choice for any office type.

Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. Build Your Phone or Privacy Booth

SKUTCHI Designs Inc. prides itself on staying up to date on all office design and workplace productivity trends, as well as learning how to improve upon workspaces needing makeovers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can create the perfect office for you and your employees as well as customers. Contact us today to learn more about our phone/privacy booths and how it can increase the productivity and profits for your business.