The Benefits of Having an Office with Glass Walls

The trend in office space/workplace layout & design the last decade or so has been that of open-office layouts. These are open, yet compartmentalized, environments where staff works from multi-person workstations scattered throughout that space. It’s meant to improve and generate a more creative and communicative work environment. Which it does, to a great degree.

Open Space Work


But not all employees can thrive in this work environment. Noise, excessive distraction, personality foibles, privacy needs, employee health (ADHD, anxiety, physical disabilities, allergies, etc.) even personal hygiene can be deterrents to productivity in an open space work environment.

Open Space Work

There are many companies and businesses are turning to what’s called the “in-between phase” of rethinking their workspaces. What exactly is the in-between phase? It’s where staff—who still need to be together or in close proximity to one another—can (at the same time) maintain or have available separate areas in the same workplace. Think of it like a parent leaving their child in a room to sleep by itself, but still seeing what’s going on through the baby monitor. The parent is still present but can accomplish other tasks while the baby sleeps. The in-between phase gives you the environment to work together, but also provides the ability to focus and concentrate in a quiet environment. How? Utilizing side offices or individualized work cubicles.

Consider inserting glass walls within the office. Not only are they elegant, beautiful, and chic but are also extremely affordable and practical. Glass design elements are becoming more popular among many workspace designers as they see the psychological and productivity benefits to be gained.

Glass Walls Add A Beautiful Design Aesthetic


Open Space Work For years, employees were hidden behind the solid drywall or wooden walls of individual offices which inhibited the cooperative culture or creative teamwork often needed between employees. Glass interior office walls can create a new environment which opens up the office and gives visual accessibility to the people within.  The sleek design shows your business is modern and progressive.

And even though offices are beginning to shrink in size, glass partitions can give the appearance of the offices being sleek and spacious. The slim frames and sliding or swinging doors complete the minimalist aesthetic.

Glass walls can also ensure privacy. There are many different options to get the glass patterned, tinted or frosted if privacy is an issue.


Glass Walls Allow More Natural Light

Open Space Work Having a dimly lit room drives productivity levels down and can leave employees feeling drowsy and sluggish. Glass wall design allows an office where natural light can flow through even the gloomiest of corners.

Small windows are great for letting some natural light shine through, but even larger windows or glass walls, helps that much needed natural lighting penetrate and illuminate even deeper into central office space.

By utilizing natural light, you help cut back on electric bills, improve health benefits, and improve the overall productivity of office staff. Medical experts have also found that exposure to daylight helps reduce stress, depression, and pain while avoiding health problems such as migraines and vitamin D deficiency.

Glass Walls Provide Better Acoustics

The use of glass walls dampens the sound of coworkers’ conversations and phone calls which tend to echo loudly. Implementing these physical barriers softens the ambient noise which causes distractions.

Glass Walls Are More Versatile

Open Space Work Demountable glass walls are exactly that; demountable. Adding office walls made of wood or drywall is a permanent alteration to the workplace! Aluminum frames are cheaper and stronger and can be scalable.  Put them up, take them down, or move them all around!  They allow employers to reinvent the workspace without compromising on the look and feel of the overall design.

Give Skutchi Design A Call

If it’s time to finally create that beautiful office you have always dreamed of, give us a call. We ship all over the country and have very reasonable lead times. It’s a great time to create and office you love and deserve. There are several different styles to choose from as well as ways to use and set them up. Opting for the individual panels that make a 7-foot wall makes for a perfect office. However, if more privacy is needed, adding the topper brings the wall to be a total of 9 feet.

Skutchi just released a NEW glass wall that is a seven-foot panel with no breaks in between. This allows an employer to create that beautiful, sleek, expensive look that they are going for, without breaking the bank.