What do you picture when someone says, “demountable wall system?” I know the topics of office and cubicles don't tend to spring to mind, but, if it does, do you completely understand what a demountable wall system is? You might think of a glass office, office partitions, modular private offices, glass cubicles, or room dividers. But, the extremely versatile demountable wall system can actually be all these things and more. By definition, these walls can be unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled in a new location. The synonym of the name is “movable walls.” So, with that being said, you can relocate, recreate, and reinstall these walls to modify any office space and create a layout that works well with your ideal office space. Let me explain a little more in-depth about how this system works.

The best thing about movable walls is that you can create any office space that best suits your layout and work environment. If you prefer an open-plan office, use the walls as glass office partitions and room dividers wherever you may need them to create a little extra privacy and seclusion from the group office setting. Create a huddle room and large conference area as well. Design the connected and teamwork-oriented office environment that you imagined, perfectly laid out to best suit your work environment. On the other hand, if you want to create a more personal and noise-controlled work environment with cubicles and large private, executive offices, use the demountable partition walls to install modular private offices with doors or your personalized cubicle system. Construct offices that fit your specific size and height requirements in no time. And, if you decide in a few months that your layout isn’t working out or if it’s time to change it up a little bit, you can easily move and reconfigure your offices, cubicles, rooms, or partitions anywhere else in your office space.

Now that you understand what the demountable wall system is; I can get a little bit more specific and tell you about the Sapphire demountable wall system by Cubicle Landscapes. It fits every description of the demountable wall system explained above and is completely customizable. So, not only are you able to design and redesign your ideal office layout, but you can also customize each individual wall. Wall heights range from 89” to 95” tall. You can choose between all glass panels, solid panels, or a combination of the two for your wall system. You also get to choose the colors. Add optional fabric panels, and choose the fabric colors, to aid with acoustics and control noise levels in your office space. You have the option of a swing door, a sliding door, or no door at all if you prefer. We can also add optional wall storage. Once your walls are designed, create the office space of your dreams during your quick, easy, and mess-free installation process. This system is so popular because it gives you the freedom of design and mobility. You’re not locked into any specific office design layout. And, the Sapphire system has a very modern and elegant look, giving your office space a neat and professional look and feel.

So, now when someone brings up the topic of a demountable wall system or you’re searching online for a new office or cubicle system and you come across the phrase, you’ll understand the concept, right? A movable wall system that allows you to unmount, relocate, and reinstall the walls to create and recreate your ideal office layout. The sleek and modern glass walls, which can also be replaced with laminate or fabric panels as well, can substitute as a modular private office, cubicles, office partitions, room dividers, glass offices, or anything else you can imagine. Use a single wall as a personalized storage wall. Build your dream open-plan office, and include a large glass conference room, a huddle room, and large, modular private offices with doors as executive suites. The options are endless, so it’s time to get creative. And the great thing about movable walls; if you don’t like the design, try again and create something different. You really can’t go wrong, and you won’t get tired of changing up your office floor plan. Create the office space that’s perfect for everyone.