The Depths of Motherhood: How to Celebrate Your Mom on Mother’s Day

The Job:

Imagine walking into a job interview for a position in which you would receive no salary or paid benefits and would be on call all hours of every day with no real-time off. This position is also a lifelong contract that you can’t get out of.  Why would anyone sign up for that, better yet, why would over 85 million Americans consider this position every day?

This position is not an easy one.  You are tested and tried almost every day, your physical, mental and emotional health can be at risk, and you no longer come first in your own life. Your office is wherever you find yourself and your workload is always heavy.

 This is the job of a mother.  Although the job description is not appealing, there are many intangible benefits that come with it.  Motherhood is constantly teaching life lessons and causing personal growth within. Some of the moments that mothers experience with their children are memories that can not be replaced with any amount of money.

Every mother comes from different experiences and walks of life.  However, one thing that almost every mother will agree on is that it is not easy being a mom.  From obstacles like working a full-time job and managing your family, to rushing kids to and from places, trying to remember every activity the kids signed up for is never-ending.  Their life becomes a revolving door pleasing and doing for others, and sometimes that is in more places than just at home.

Many mothers have full/part-time jobs that they must attend.  They may have an office to work at during the day, then come home to work in their house or with their children at night. There are no office hours or sick days when you are a parent, so mothers are constantly on the clock.  They set examples for their kids teaching them how to work hard and be dedicated. Balancing their real job and their home job, their kids, and somehow it seems like they manage it all. They are our super-heroes of the world without the cape.

The Gift:

So with Mother’s Day right around the corner, we will soon start reminiscing all the good times that we had with them, memories we shared, tears we cried, and laughs until our tummy hurt, and just start smiling.  Mothers often do not get the appreciation for all their hard work and dedication that they deserve. So as this Mother’s Day approaches us, here are a couple of ideas to think about to help you plan out the perfect day.

After thinking about what your mother loves and taking it into special consideration, start to plan a nice, relaxing day around your mothers’ favorite things.  Consider bringing her breakfast in bed, and while she is eating tidy the house and clean the mess you made in the kitchen. Or if you are a terrible cook, spare your mother and take her to a nice brunch.  Take the responsibility off her for a day or a couple of hours. Enjoying a nice family, or one on one, breakfast is something she will love. After all, she probably will just enjoy spending time with you.  

Our mothers do a lot for us.  They are very busy and “rest days” are few and far between.  So, plan one for her. It does not have to be on the actual holiday but picks a day that works best with her schedule.  During this day take her to get her nails and toes done, a massage or a facial. Booking a spa day ensures that she will have time to herself, or to spend with the people she loves.  

Mothers dedicate so much of their time and effort into making sure everyone is taken care of.  Often, they overlook their own wants needs and neglect to spend time taking care of themselves.  Scheduling something for your mom that she wouldn’t normally splurge on for herself.

If you ask your mother what she would like for Mother’s Day, she will probably say she doesn’t want anything but to spend time with you.  However, we all know that your mother deserves way more than money can buy. This Mother’s Day considers some of these items to get for her on her special day.

Getting your mother a gift that she can enjoy and look back on is something she will appreciate and love. Gifts like personalized photo albums, warm robes, or a charm bracelet is a great way to make sure she has a smile on her face that day.  These are gifts that she can not only use and are practical but also something that will take her down memory lane.  

If you want to treat your mother to something sweet right away, think about getting her a personalized box of chocolates or her favorite bottle of wine.  If you wanted to make sure your mom was celebrated more than just one day a year, opt for a subscription box of chocolates that are delivered right to her door every month.

Although your mother deserves to be showered with gifts, a nice meal, and a whole lot of love, if you are unable to celebrate with your her in person, remember to call her and maybe ship her a gift or have flowers delivered.  She will love and appreciate just knowing that you thought about her. She goes through a lot to make everyone’s life easy and smooth sailing, so put in a couple of hours of work, which she does every day, and make this something special for her.  After all, the depths of motherhood are a never-ending cycle and I’m sure she wouldn’t trade it for the world.