Hey guys, it’s the cubicle specialist here with your next desking system solution (calling myself that is probably going to go straight to me head, but oh well)! I’m here to introduce the Diamond desking system by cubicle landscapes. This system is the perfect solution for fitting an abundance of workspaces into a small area. This would also be ideal for schools or lecture rooms. The Diamond desking system provides that open-office plan feel, while still allowing privacy options if needed. Wondering how this one system can have an open-plan and privacy at the same time, be so multi-functional, and can be the perfect solution for both offices and schools? Let me tell you about it! I’ll highlight all the amazing and convenient features of the Diamond desking system to help you realize exactly why you need this system ASAP

Okay, so I’ve read plenty of articles on the open-office floor plan vs. the privacy of a cubicle or walls and room dividers. I still don’t know which one is “better.” It seems that about 50% of people want an open floor plan, and the other 50% say that we should value privacy and stick to our own space. Some people say it’s the millennials who want the open-plan office, however, I am a millennial, and I don’t know that I agree with that. But, either way, the Diamond desking system provides that open-office floor plan that has become so popular, while still giving people their privacy. Don’t understand how that’s possible? Let me explain. This desking system is basically a number of desks/tables that are connected. They are available in different seating and layout options, with workstations available that seat up to 40. You could just put together rows of desks, which is why this system would work in a school or lecture room. You could go with a desk that connects two across from each other and creates a longer row of desks that way. Or you could go with the 120-degree workstations, so now you have three people sitting in a circle. Do you understand the open-plan office now? Everyone sits close to each other, while still having their own desk, maximizing teamwork and encouraging collaboration.

So, now you’re wondering where the privacy comes in. Well, different sized modesty panels or desk dividers are available in various sizes. These panels give you some privacy from the person sitting across from you, or if you have the 120-degree workstation, the panels create a private workspace for all three people. Skutchi Designs has office cubicles with glass modesty panels available, as well as solid, fabric panels, which you can customize by choosing from a selection of fifteen colors, for extra privacy. These panels are also adjustable, so you can move or remove them from your desk as needed. Now you see why the Diamond desking system provides the perfect team workstation. You can collaborate with your coworkers when you need to, and not feel like you’re hidden away in a box all day, or you can hide behind your modesty panel from that annoying coworker across from you who won’t stop talking to you about her cat. Better yet, just put headphones on.

Now let’s talk about the best part: features and benefits! Where do I even begin? My favorite feature is the electrical outlets and data ports located on top of each individual desk. Charge your phone, laptop, and tablet right from your desk throughout your day from your own personal outlet. I know some of you are wondering where you are supposed to store your office supplies, files, folders, and notebooks. Well, optional side cabinets are also available. These cabinets feature a tack board, available in multiple colored fabrics, lockable compartments, and a bookshelf. Store all your personal belongings and confidential files or papers locked in a cabinet right next to your desk where you can easily access them throughout your day. Hang reminders or notes on your tack board, and place office supplies or your office decorations on your bookshelf to make it feel more like your own space. Need additional storage solutions? No problem! The Diamond desking system also features a rolling pedestal which slides neatly under your desk. The pedestal contains gentle open/close drawers, so they won’t slam shut distracting your coworkers. The smaller top drawer can store office supplies, personal belongings, folders, and notebooks, or whatever else you might need it for. The larger bottom drawer substitutes as a filing cabinet. The Diamond series also has larger side storage benches. These benches have the same drawers and filing cabinet that the pedestal has, plus two, long shelves as well. Even better, both the storage bench and pedestal feature top cushions with customizable fabrics, so they double as a bench.

The Diamond desking system really does have it all; your own private workstation, a layout which leads to teamwork and collaboration, and plenty of storage. What more could you need? Now, not only does your office satisfy millennials with its open-floor plan (at least that’s what everyone seems to think millennials prefer), but it also provides each person with their own privacy and storage solutions, so everyone feels like they have their own workspace. Everyone is happy. Oh, and when you’re choosing from the fifteen fabric color options, I recommend the blue or green. They’re bright, colorful, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like either of those colors. If I had the luxury of designing my own office space, that’s what I’d go with.