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The Most Creative Office Spaces You’ve Ever Seen

By Taylor Landis 4 months ago 376 Views No comments

What does it take to design an office from start to finish that’s worthy of office snapshots? Turns out, a large open office with lots of glass walls and slides are not required, although they are a common theme. The most amazing offices we’ve ever seen featured began with a spark of creativity and inspiration. Take a look at a few of our favorites of some of the most creative office you’ve ever seen.

1.XL Catlin

The modern, elegant interior of XL Catlin’s office space in Wroclaw, Poland is filled with natural, outdoorsy elements such as plant life and greenery and walnut finishes.

The office is filled with flexible working spaces with a variety of lighting options and large glass walls and doors to make the space feel more open and complete the modern appearance.

The black and white interior is minimalistic and simple yet elegant and professional. The vibrant furniture and contrasting green and walnut walls add life to the space and allow nature to seep through the upscale interior without contradicting the tasteful, sophisticated nature of the space.


LatinWorks’ office in Austin, Texas provides an abundance of flexible working spaces allowing their employees freedom and mobility while encouraging collaboration.

The space explodes with creative and decorative elements inspiring creative thinking and high-energy.

Unique work environments are available throughout the two levels as well as a collaborative stairway that also substitutes as a benching area or collaborative working space.

3.Brain Embassy Offices

The creative, unique, and colorful Brain Embassy offices in Warsaw, Poland incorporate steel structures meant to imitate brain neurons and synapses.

Employees are creatively inspired by the unique design and variety of materials, colors, and work environments.

Games and activities are systematically incorporated throughout the office space and evident in numerous areas within the offices.

The flexible office space offers a variety of working environments for employees, including meditation rooms, large conference areas, private work areas, a small gym complete with cycling, huddle rooms, and more each equipped with unique seating options, new, vibrant colors and patterns, and a distinct tone is set and varies between each space.


The unique 1920’s pier building has a beautifully transformed interior filled with new offices for IDEO in San Francisco.

The interior design offers group work tables, huddle room, and private “phone booths” for personal or private communication.

A number of elements, including large windows leading to the busy San Francisco Port District, connect employees to the busy, dynamic outdoors.

5.Nika Offices

Located in Rockville, Maryland, the Nika offices feature elements unique for a workplace such as a game room and sports-themed huddle rooms. The offices are placed on the sixth floor of the Mid-Atlantic region’s first LEED Platinum building.

The loud colors and vibrant patterns along with the open layout desking system encourage employee interaction, collaboration, and inspire creativity.

6.Red Bull

Red Bull’s London headquarters are designed to demonstrate the company’s brand. The interior design communicates excitement and energy.

The open office layout promotes collaboration and interaction between employees.

The office is located on the top three floors of an existing building and includes a roof-level terrace enclosed in glass for a spectacular view.


Microsoft’s Vienna headquarters features unique work environments which occupy a theme or tone specific to the tasks at hand. For example, one room resembles an ocean while another provides the look and feel of a hunting lodge.

A large number of natural elements such as greenery, plants and wood are incorporated throughout the office space as well as an X-ray graphic of a computer located behind the reception desk.

This room resembles the ocean and even features an aquarium located in the wall.

8.Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington are designed based on the company’s ethos, “Make Life One Long Weekend.”

The interior design theme incorporates elements and a mood of relaxation, the islands, a resort, or casual setting while remaining sophisticated and professional.

Plant life and outdoorsy elements such as wood are a common theme incorporated throughout the office. Even these office cubicles are made from wood.

Plenty of natural light flows throughout the office to bring in the outdoors and the relaxing feeling of the warm sun on your skin as well.

When designing your new office space, incorporate natural elements and demonstrate your brand values and personality. Carry out the theme throughout your office space. Design the layout for efficiency and effectiveness for your employees. These are the elements that create an amazing office space that will be featured on office snapshots one day.