The Right Office Wallpaper Helps You Focus

Hanging office wallpaper can turn an old, dull space into a fresh, new, creative environment, ideal for getting the ideas flowing. If you have time for a home project this weekend, why not redecorate your office?

Color Psychology — It’s Real!

Choosing the right office wallpaper starts with understanding the psychology of color. Different colors elicit different emotions, many of which can affect your ability to focus on what needs to be done.

For example, red is one of the most energetic hues, and it can symbolize passion, anger, power, determination and excitement. It can have a physiological effect as well, causing your heart to beat faster and your blood pressure to go up.

In other words, it might not be the best color for focusing on work, unless you’re in a high-pressure sales job.

When you’re looking for the perfect office wallpaper, other colors may be better, based on their psychological effects. Blue promotes calmness and is associated with authority. Green promotes balance and harmony. Yellow is optimistic and promotes creativity.

Always consider the color first — that can dictate the rest of your office wallpaper search.

How Do You Use the Room?

Is your office client-facing or do you alone use the space? Do you use your office as a quiet place to retreat for meetings or do you mostly use it for deep focus and study?

Your goal for the room will also dictate the style of wallpaper you choose. If you need to entertain clients, you have more than your own preferences to consider.

Ask These Questions When Wallpaper Shopping

Once you’ve decided on a color and design, ask yourself the following questions when shopping for wallpaper:

  • Would this pattern work for the entire room, or would it work better as an accent wall?
  • Will the pattern strain my eyes?

While you may come across one pattern you love, always think about whether it would suit the office as a whole. You don’t want to overwhelm the environment with drama, so an accent wall is a popular choice for office design.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in the office every day, consider the value of a neutral, muted pattern. A subtle design that won’t cause eyestrain or create a distraction is preferable.

It’s Not Just for Decoration

Office wallpaper shouldn’t be an afterthought, and it’s not solely for style. When your environment supports strong focus, you’ll be more productive! Wallpaper Warehouse has a variety of textured products, subtle patterns and rich colors that can put you in the right headspace for efficient work. Check out our online store to find a good match for you.

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