The Significance of Space-Planning and Design

Space planning and design should be thought of as crucial to a company’s workflow and productivity. Although space planning is often overlooked, dismissed, or sometimes disregarded altogether, employing it can change the culture of the office as well as raise productivity levels. If you have ever stepped into a room, looked around, and thought “this setup feels all wrong” you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in a room’s décor but overlook how best to use the space (and the items in it).

If you love interior design or have never given it a second thought, employing and implementing the skills and experience of a professional space planner is critical… and here’s why:

Superior Design Results in Great First Impressions

It goes without saying: one of the biggest first impressions you can make upon a potential client is the physical space where you work. Office spaces with poor design planning can look disorganized, less productive, even old and outdated. The last thing any business should want is to appear mired and muddled in their own environment, especially when greeting new or prospective clients. Aging and mismatched office furniture, patched drywall, and that coffee-stained Berber carpet from 1996 can make your workplace appear antiquated and uncared for. You don’t want a potential client’s first impression to be that you’re either unwilling or incapable of taking care of your own business, let alone theirs. So remember, a well-designed and contemporary space demonstrates you’re up to date on current trends and style. Taking pride in the image you project and the style with which you brand your working space goes a long way towards onboarding new business.

Efficiently Planned Spaces Increase Productivity

An organized, efficient, and well-planned working environment is just as important to employees as it is to your clients! You should consider taking into consideration what work area and resources any employee might need to perform their job description to the best of their abilities. This includes who they need to communicate or interact with and when, how distraction-free should their work area be to get the most productivity out of them, and how close or far should they be from other employees who help them accomplish their goals. Understanding what each employee’s job entails and how they will need to interact within your office space is crucial when designing the space in which they work. Something as simple as placing loud noise and high traffic areas like the breakroom, conference room, or restrooms away from the actual work-area can help in reducing distractions throughout the workday and increase productivity while achieving collective goals faster.

Prepare for Growth by Planning for It Now

If you’re setting up shop in a new building or remodeling your existing one, it’s beneficial to prepare for future growth. A professional space planner knows how best to accomplish this by assessing which areas of your business could grow faster or slower, thus requiring more (or perhaps less) space in the future. No office is going to look the same in five year’s time as it does the day you opened your doors for business. A professional space planner knows this. You need to accommodate scalability and growth in such a way that regardless of what the future brings, your employees and customers will have a comfortable, efficient and sensible space in which to thrive.

Space Planning Eliminates Wasted Space

Often companies set up shop in an aesthetically pleasing way but quickly discover it doesn’t work well for their needs; there’s a huge difference between what may look good and what works well. Floorplan “real estate” is precious, so you can’t afford to misappropriate it for pure visually pleasing reasons. The form is great, but the function pays the bills! Professional space planners can make recommendations you may not consider when conceiving your office. Have you thought about how much you can take advantage of vertical space design? What about combining individual storage units holding supplies to a shared storage system? The importance of comfort considerations in your reception or employee lounge area? Small suggestions like these may seem minor but they make huge differences once the office is completed and actualized.

Keeping the Design Compliant with Building Codes

Building codes can vary drastically… as well as rules and regulations from city to county to state to the federal level; it’s important to meet or exceed compliance when designing a new office. These codes can include safety routes, wheelchair accessibility, electrical and wiring specifications, emergency or fire exits, and even mandatory minimum distances between chairs and major walkways. While you may have little or no familiarity with what these regulations and codes might dictate (or even where to begin finding them), a professional space planner most assuredly will. This is not something you’d be able to take an educated guess on—or ask forgiveness for—when the fire inspector comes walking unannounced through your door one morning. Professional space planners save you time, money, and potential heartache down the line.

Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. Plan Your Space

SKUTCHI Designs Inc. is proud to offer professional space planning services for virtually any office space or work environment. With the use of the most current, state-of-the-art CAD design software, we can easily create and modify virtual layouts quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our space planning services and how we will increase the productivity and comfort of everyone involved with your business.