Skutchi Designs specializes in multiple services relating to office design, space planning, and office and cubicle customization. A few of those services include layout design and space planning, cubicle manufacturing, custom furniture, 2D/3D renderings, and nationwide delivery and installation. There are quite a few steps that go into the process of customizing your entire office space, as you can imagine; you’re starting with a big, empty space, and ending with a complete and beautiful office space with cubicles, offices, modern office furniture, a reception area, a conference room, or anything else that your space may need. So, you may be wondering; what exactly are the steps that go into this process? Well, that’s what I’m here to explain to you. The step-by-step Skutchi Designs process

It all begins with your need for a new office layout or design. Whether that be because you’re a new startup business or company moving into your first office space, it’s time to renovate your old, outdated workspaces and office furniture, or whatever other reasons you may have. First, you’ll fill out our form or call to request your free quote. We will respond by sending you our brochure. This 89-page brochure will describe in detail, in addition to showing you pictures of, our various cubicles, office, desking systems, and room systems and designs. You will view different dimensions, shapes, seating options, colors, etc. I understand that this may seem overwhelming, but I assure you that a few pages will stand out to you with concepts that you prefer, or just simply like the look of. Once you get back to us with a few styles that you like, we move on to the next step.

We will ask a few more questions about what you’re looking for, just to get a better idea of the design that would work best for your work space. It is also important for us to know what your company or job entails. This actually has a lot to do with determining the size of your cubicles or offices. For example, if you are designing a call center cubicle or a small office space, our call center cubicles are very small and private. You can fit an abundance of workspaces in a small area, if needed, with this option. Or, maybe you need a few larger, executive offices. Job positions such as architects, tend to require more desk space and a larger office. We take all these things into account when creating your design layout to make sure that we create a floor plan that perfectly fits your needs.

Next, you’ll submit your office space dimensions and layout. This is when our design team begins to create your office design and we start space planning. Keep in mind, these services are free. Our design team will perfectly layout each office, cubicle, or any other workspace that you need into your given office space. We will ask for your budget. This is one of the most difficult pieces of information to get out of our customers. Your budget is very important. Everyone wants an office space that resembles Google, however, your budget may not allow that. It’s important for us to know the amount of money that we’re working with. Are you shopping for a Hyundai or Mercedes? A lower budget doesn’t mean that your number and size of workspaces or floor plan will be compromised. We will find ways to work with your budget. For example, we may decrease the number of panels you need by placing a few cubicles up against a wall. Our Emerald cubicle system is also a significant amount cheaper than our Sapphire system, but the two have very few differences. For example, The Emerald collection has gray trim, while the Sapphire collection has silver trim. The panels on the Sapphire collection are available at a taller height. But, both collections will provide you with everything required to design your office space, without leaving out any necessities. Therefore, please don’t be afraid to give us a budget.

After a few back and forth layout submissions and revisions, we will have your office space designed and we’re ready to customize the specifics. We’ll dig into a few things such as corporate culture, and the type of layout you prefer. For example, if you’d like an open-plan office, we recommend the Sapphire collection. It offers a more modern office look and has features such as a huddle room. We’ll also take details such as noise control into consideration. More fabric leads to a more noise-controlled environment. We also offer products such as room dividers, cubicle privacy panels, and acoustic panels and decorations that you may take into consideration. At this point, we can give you a quote. It is important not to be discouraged by this amount. Like I mentioned before, we can alter a few minor details to adjust the price of your office design. Therefore, don’t give up if this is not the amount that you expected. We can make any necessary changes to work within your budget. Next, we’ll refer you to our online design center. This is when we begin to get into color palettes. You will choose colors for the carpet, panels, and worksurfaces. If you don’t quite have that eye for design, we can help you out in this department as well. You will be able to add customizations such as two-tone fabrics and glass-top panels. Once your layout and design is completed and customizations are made, our team will manufacture and create your designs. Before you know it, your cubicles, offices, furniture, etc. will be ready and shipped to you.

Our quickship products will be shipped in as little as two to three days. Other products will take an estimated five to eight days to be shipped. Then, you’ll decide if you’d like to take advantage of our installation services. If not, we have very detailed instructions and installation videos on our website and YouTube channel that can help you out during this process. If you do decide to use Skutchi’s cubicle installation services, we will be in contact with you to arrange a day for installation. You won’t have to lift a finger. Your entire office will be created right before your eyes. You also have the option to include data and electric in your cubicles. In this case, we would be more than happy to speak with an electrician regarding these services. Before you know it, the process is complete, and your entire office has been created from scratch.

Now that you understand what the Skutchi Designs process is and how it works, it’s time to call or fill out our form to receive you free quote. Be sure to ask about our free office design services and space planning services. I assure you, it will make this whole process so much easier for you. We’ll be in contact soon!