Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Skutchi blog. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about cubicles, office furniture, office design, and so many more related topics. We’ll provide you with helpful tips and tricks for things like cubicle organization, office design, installation help, and everything in between. Looking for your next office layout design and which cubicle system is best for you? No problem! We’ll deliver articles highlighting specific cubicle systems, accompanied by slideshows and YouTube videos. But, we have fun too! Learn about the Skutchi team, and the fun, cubicle related topics that we write about. And yes, cubicle and office-related topics can actually be fun, interesting, and informative. We’ll share our personal stories with you, and feel free to share your comments with us. And what better way to learn about every aspect of cubicles than from people who not only work for a company that specializes in manufacturing cubicles, but also work in a cubicle as well. Plus, the cubicle specialist (that’s me) will definitely have the answers that you’re looking for.

Skutchi’s new blog will assist you in making all your cubicle and office related decisions, from layout, to choosing the right cubicle, to design and customizations. But, not only is this blog informative and helpful, but it’s the perfect place for really anyone who works in an office or cubicle (which is a lot of people). We’ll help you design and decorate your workspace with the best organization solutions, and help you make your cubicle feel more comfortable and homey. And if we don’t cover a topic that interests you or you need help with, just ask. We’ll be sure to cover every cubicle and office related topic, question, and interest there is. Pretty soon, you’ll be a cubicle expert too. But, along with everything that you learn from us, I hope that you enjoy reading and following along with our blog as well. Happy reading! And check back soon for our next blog post.