You finally wake up on time for the first time this week, fix your coffee, hair, and you’re about to get dressed. It is going to be a great day, and you are sure of it. Top after top, pants after pants, you just cannot seem to find a good match. Everything looks bad, nothing fits, and why do you even have a jersey with a cat on it? Suddenly your blissful morning has now turned into every other morning this week where you are late, yet again. How does this always happen, you think you are purposeful with your work attire purchases, but somehow you still feel you never have anything to wear. Here are a few essential products that will make getting dressed for the office much easier.


For Women:

As necessary as it may seem, having 1000 different tops and pants choices to wear to work every day, may not actually be helpful. In fact, it could be what is slowing you down in the morning. Having a couple of basic products, something that you can throw on when everything else isn’t comfortable is a must.

So, let’s take a deeper look into some of these items to invest in to make your life easier. Going with all neutral colors may seem bland, but it could look very classy and chic if you do it correctly. Adding a couple of accessories could really make your basic outfit look and feel really put together. An all-black outfit is not only trendy but also slimming, so if you’re having a day where you are not feeling your best, reach for this staple look.

From the beginning of time, or what it seems like, we have always been told “you can never go wrong with a little black dress”. Why did we always hear that? Because it is true, a black dress can be one of the most versatile pieces of your entire wardrobe. You can dress it up, or you can wear it as is. Adding a cardigan, blazer, tights, boots or heels can change the whole look of outfit.

Next is a white button down, although many companies are not requiring you to wear a full-on suit to work, it is still a basic that has many functions. Like the black dress, you have many ways of styling the button down. You could wear it with jeans or wear it with a nice pair of patterned or colored pants. These shirts are made in so many styles and cuts, you are destined to find the one that fits you just right.

When styling yourself in the morning, mix any of these items mentioned above together. Take your all black pants and jacket and add your white top. A basic suit combo is never a bad idea. Black and white outfits are timeless and always a sure way to make know you are appropriately dressed.

Although shoes seem like a no brainer, sometimes it is the most difficult part of your outfit. Do you have the right type of flats to go with your ankle pants, and are your yellow heels appropriate to wear to work? Having basic shoes that are versatile cuts down on stress in the morning, when you are picking out your outfit. Make sure to go for something that is comfortable, there are such things as comfortable heels, don’t be scared to go find them. If you stick to neutral colors for your shoes, you will always have something that matches you outfit.

Getting dressed in the morning does not have to be the worst part of your day. You should feel put together, classy, and comfortable. You do not have to give up one to have the other. Do not be afraid to add in colors, patterns and different materials. This adds a little bit of your personality to your outfit, while remaining professional.


For Men:

Most tend to think that women are the only one having trouble getting ready in the morning, men do as well. Since most men struggle with matching and knowing what patterns to put together and what you absolutely cannot leave the house in, this leaves them with a dilemma. Much like women, men can stick to a few basic items and would look sharp every day. Items like a matching suit that can be worn for work or extra circular activities. These are a necessary to survive in the business world.

However, if you find your office is a little more laid back and relaxed, then investing in a couple pairs of chinos or khakis would be a great choice. These are a little dressier then jeans, and you can dress them up or down. Having them in several colors, or even just the neutrals, is a huge staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Next, and you could probably guess it, is a dress shirt. These can be worn with a suit or by themselves with dress jeans or chinos. These shirts have so many different options, and you can accessorize them tastefully too. You could add a tie, a nice watch, and of course if you are trying to look fancy, cuff links. The dress shirt will get you so far, and they have many different colors and patterns to choose from.

For shoes, men can keep it basic. A simple loafer in black or brown would go with almost anything you wear. Loafers are not shoes for just the office though, you can wear them with jeans or work pants. They are comfortable, classy, and they last for quite some time. If you are not a fan of loafers, try some type of boo. Just make sure it s a good quality and that you are sticking to classic a style that won’t go out of fashion.

Getting dressed can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Try out some of these style tips and watch how your morning will go by much smoother. One thing to always keep in mind, no matter if you’re going to work or anywhere else is functionality. The functionality of your clothes will make or break them. Find things that look good AND feel good. No one wants to sit at work all day and be unconfutable. So, say goodbye to the craziness in the morning, and hello to your new bullet-proof style.