Working Dad’s: Guide To Father’s Day

Another late night in the office, yet this time he seriously considers walking out more than ever. Missing many awards ceremonies, meet the teachers, and games so far this year, he looks around and thinks to himself “I’ve had enough”.  He finally arrives home where he missed saying goodnight to the kids and dinner is in the microwave, because everyone else has already eaten and even had time to clean the kitchen. He sits at the head of the table by himself eating dinner, exhausted. But he’s not giving up hope because the weekend is right around the corner and he cannot wait.

Although he may be tired and want to sleep in and get some rest, he knows that he has a soccer game to coach bright and early Saturday morning. The hustle and bustle never stop no matter how hard he tries. Somehow, he manages to juggle everything he has on his plate at home all while being a “working dad”. Though the term “Working Mom” is often used, no one ever refers to a dad who works as a “working dad”.

A study shows that the number of hours spent at work for men and women have both almost tripled since 1965. As mothers have increased their working hours, fathers have increased the number of hours spent doing household work and being a part of family time. So, with Father’s Day right around the corner, here are a couple of things to think about, admire and get your dad for being such a hardworking, loving “working dad” who does it all.

Working dads wear many different hats in the family. Not only do they have to manage a full-time job, but sometimes even pick up side gigs to adequately support their family.  After a long day at the office, their work does not stop there. Once they are home, they are hit with quick fixes of broken toys or household items, spending time with the kids and even paying bills. As much as they would like to come home after being in an office all day and relax, unfortunately, that is not in the plan for them. So, if you are the type to always break things, consider getting your dad a nice tool kit. Not only is it something he will like, but he will also get a lot of use out of it too.

If you’re working dad comes home after a long day, the last thing they are going to want to do is to spend time maintaining the house, especially if the equipment they have is not up to par. This year give your dad a gift that will get used all year with yard maintenance tools. This could range from rakes, mowers, blowers, plants or anything he may need to take care of that beautiful property he works so hard for. 

As mothers receive the normal 12 weeks off after giving birth fathers, on the other hand, are usually sent back much faster. This means they miss many of the huge milestones that their child reaches because they are already back at work. Working dad’s sacrifice precious memories in order to provide for their family. When they are home, they often have to play catchup with what they missed throughout the day or week. Along with getting sent back to work so fast after having a child, they also must figure out how to make it on only one income.

Making a memory book for your father allows him to feel like he didn’t miss out on everything. It reminds him that you love and appreciate him and understand why he must go to work every day. Along with a memory book, take him to his favorite restaurant, or if he loves to cook, opt for thoughtful accessories like a funny apron or an engraved spatula.

Even though your working dad might not always be at every event, he is still involved in many aspects of the family’s life. His main worry is to provide for his family and make sure they have what they need. So, this Father’s Day makes sure to thank your dad for all the sacrifices that he makes a day in and day out. Help make his life a little easier even if it is something as small as cutting the grass or making dinner. Let your dad have a nice, relaxing, stress-free day because he deserves it.

Working dads are much like superheroes. They work all day in a cooperate setting and then come home at night to be the tickle monster. With working double duty, at work and home they don’t get much time for what they love, and they love their family. So, if you are capable of being around you dad this Father’s Day, make sure you spend some time with him. However, if you are not in the same city has your father, make sure you at least call him, maybe even send him a little gift. After all, he is a “working dad” and that itself makes him a superhero.