This year, we decided we’d introduce something new to the Skutchi Designs blog. In our workplace critique segment, we’ll break down the pros and cons, likes and dislikes, and offer suggestions and improvements for workspaces, home offices or professional office settings, submitted by our readers.

For our first featured workspace, we will be critiquing the home office of a content marketer and social media manager. This employee works 100% remotely and completes majority of her work from this desk. Before we dive into her home office, let’s keep a few things in mind…

  • Because she creates and promotes content and manages social media accounts, almost all of her work is done online. Therefore, she doesn’t require much storage space.
  • This type of work requires creative thinking and brainstorming, so she’ll want a space that inspires creativity without pulling her focus from her work.
  • She should keep the supplies and tools she uses daily within reach and easily accessible. It’s also necessary that she can charge her laptop from her desk while it’s still in use.

With that being said, let’s jump right in.


For starters, we love that her desk is positioned in front of a window. Not only does this offer an alternate source of light, allowing natural light to flow throughout the room, but a view of the outdoors can help inspire creative thinking with an additional and ever-changing view. Speaking of light, we also see a variety of lighting options. In addition to the window, she also has a desk lamp and overhead lighting. She is able to adjust the light to a comfortable setting at all times.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of the entire space, but we were left with some background information and details. Although you can’t see this in the picture provided, the workspace is located in a quiet, private space separated from the rest of the house and totally free of distractions. In fact, her desk is positioned in the corner of her bedroom. This also makes the work area very comfortable and cozy. A feature that anyone would appreciate for their work environment.

We also know that there is an additional form of seating in another corner of the room, directly behind the desk. She has a large armchair positioned under a chandelier (yet another light source). It’s a luxury to have the opportunity to switch positions if necessary while working for continuous hours per day. This also adds to the comfort factor of the space.

This workspace offers plenty of organization and storage for the employee’s job position. The desk drawers and hanging shelves yield plenty of space for office supplies, files, notebooks, etc. and the surface of the desk neatly displays her laptop, planner, and notebook, all of which she uses daily.


While this work area is a satisfying use of space, it is still a shared space. Her workspace is located in a corner of her bedroom. In some instances, this might make the environment too comfortable and remind her of a place of relaxation rather than a place for work. However, not everyone has a seperate room in their house available to turn into a home office, so the space was used very effectively and to the best of its ability in this situation. Because this space is shared, it feels slightly crowded. The desk is wedged between a wall and the bed in a very limited area.


If this is the only place in the house available for a home office, we suggest rearranging the room to make it feel less crowded, if possible. If this improvement is not able to be carried out, given the space provided, there are plenty of techniques for creating a functional home office in a small space. Overall, she has done a great job with the design, organization, and furniture of this workspace.

If you’d like your workspace to be featured and discussed, submit pictures and a description of the area to or message us on one of our social media accounts.



If you have any additional suggestions for this workspace or want to let us know what you think, share them in the comments.