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With seven different product lines (and more being added all the time) SKUTCHI Designs Inc. has a comprehensive inventory of products and services from which to choose. Because there are limitless options when it comes to our products, we thought we'd help you out as you search for the perfect solution to your workplace!

In an effort to help you narrow your focus and understand our product lines better, we've prepared this page which organizes all our downloadable catalogs, guides, and cubicle customizers in one place. It will help find more information about our wall and cubicle systems, desking systems, reception, and conference table series in a single spot.

Because we have such a robust selection of products and product lines to choose from, we strongly recommend giving SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® a call at 888-993-3757 and allow us five minutes to answer your questions and set you up with a free consultation. There's no obligation on your part, just answers to any questions you might have.

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Sapphire Wall System
Sapphire Cubicle System
SAPslim Cubicle System
Emerald Cubicle Collection
Quantum Sit to Stand Desk Series
eSCAPE Acoustical and Privacy Solutions
Harmony Conference Series
Indigo Desk Series
Nova Desking Systems
Lunar Reception Desks
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Sapphire Wall System

The Sapphire Wall System is an innovative interior office wall solution designed to create efficiently divided work environments for new or existing office spaces. This highly versatile modular panel system—with heights ranging from 7', 8' or 9'ft—is fully demountable and expandable; meaning it can be removed or reconfigured at will to move or adapt with your office space's needs. Additionally, the Sapphire Wall System offers three styles of lockable doors which can be added to any configuration of walls systems over 7’ high.

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Sapphire Cubicle System

The Sapphire Cubicle System offers cubicle panel heights of 39”, 52”, or 65”, you can mix and match your choice of 14 different fabric colors, 10 different laminate surfaces, or affix glass-paneled “toppers”. When it comes to creating office work environments, no cubicle system can compare with the Sapphire Cubicle System. Not only does it offer endless combinations of dimensions, layouts, colors, and dozens of desk accessories, but it’s also manufactured from the highest grades of industrially available materials.

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SAPslim Cubicle Divider System

The SAPslim Cubicle System might be a perfect solution for those looking for an entry-level product line of cubicle dividers and worksurface solutions. A much lighter and thinner companion product line of the Sapphire Cubicle System, the SAPslim reduces certain convienences in exchange for a lower price point on your project. Many of the same panel options are available: fabrics, translucent polycarbonate, clear acrylic, and white markerboard options as well.

Learn More About the SAPslim Cubicle System

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Emerald Cubicle Collection

The Emerald Cubicle Collection by SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® is your one-stop solution for creating modern cubicle workstations. Comprised of modular panels reaching 39", 52", or 65" in height, this versatile desking arrangement allows you to create unique and scalable desking solutions whether it's for one or one hundred employees.

Learn More About the Emerald Cubicle Collection

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Quantum Sit and Stand Desk Series

The Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. offers the most durable, highest quality sit-to-stand desks available on the market today, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve also created an outstanding series of accessories to help consolidate and organize your workspace more efficiently than ever before.

Learn More About the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Desk Series

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eSCAPE Acoustical & Privacy Solutions

Our eSCAPE Series line of acoustical and privacy solutions provides products designed to increase privacy while decreasing distractions at work. We offer multiple products, made from unique materials, to help create better defined areas where comfort, safety, and productivity can be the focus of everyone who uses them.

Learn More About the eSCAPE Solution Series

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Harmony Conference Series

Introducing the Harmony Conference Series. These tables are built to impress with a variety of sizes, shapes, laminates, as well as streamlined electrical and data integration options to make them as utile as they are stylish. Bring a new level of flair and quality to your staff or board meetings, discover the usefulness of more readily accessible data and power options, and showcase the best your business has to offer to new and existing clients with this elegant conference table solution.

Learn More About the Harmony Conference Series

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Nova Desking System

If your office or workspace features an open-concept design or shared workspaces, the Nova Desking System might be a perfect addition to consider. Consolidate your available space and save valuable dollars with this centralized, practical, and utilitarian desking solution.

Learn More About the Nova Desking Series

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Indigo Desk Series

The Indigo Desk Series by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. gives you multiple appearance options for your office desk. Designed to work with nearly all of our cubicle and workstation product lines, the Indigo Desk Series offers multiple options for laminates, shapes, and bases which can accommodate the look and feel of nearly any workspace.

Learn More About the Indigo Desk Series

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Lunar Reception Series

The Lunar Reception Series combines form and function to greet guests and visitors to your place of business. It can compliment a wide spectrum of styles and décor and is sure to leave a lasting impression with guests. Available in multiple configurations to fit the unique design and spatial needs of your office. Constructed with durable E1-rated laminate, the Lunar Reception Series is easily assembled with minimal tools for a faster, more simple installation.

Learn More About the Lunar Reception Series

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