Glass Cubicles

Our proprietary Sapphire Wall System makes creating glass cubicles easier and more affordable than ever. This tile panel system can be customized with all glass panels for a completely modern glass office look or with a mixture of laminate, fabric and glass for a more customized solution for your office or to aid with acoustics. This is a beautiful office wall system that goes up to 8' or 9'FT tall with frosted or clear sliding or lockable, hinged doors. The Sapphire system provides a great alternative to costly alternative glass office cubicle solutions.

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Glass Cubicles Installation
Glass Office Cubicles

If you're looking for a modern day glass office look that doesn't cost a fortune and is quick and easy to install then our glass cubicles are for you! Our Sapphire Wall System can be installed in less than a day with no mess or construction. It's fully demountable so you can move or reconfigure the panels at will to grow with your company's needs. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for expensive glass cubicle systems? Give us a call for a complimentary design consultation today!

Say Goodbye To That Old Cubicle