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Improve office acoustics while creating an inspiring environment with EchoDeco™ wall panel cutout designs. An attractive decorative solution that absorbs distracting noise, EchoDeco™ panels are a cost-effective treatment to cover walls or divide space. Add a second layer of EchoScape™ in a matching or contrasting color behind your EchoDeco™ design for maximum noise absorption and a unique look.

Designs are cut into 3/8″ or 3/4″ thick acoustic and sustainable EchoScape™. Designs cut from a 3/8″ panel can also include a second layer behind the design for a total thickness of 3/4″. Designs cut into 3/4″ thick EchoScape™ panels cannot be backed with a second layer.

Easy to install, EchoDeco™ wall panels can be hung from an ACT ceiling grid using our metal channel hanging kit or attached directly to a wall. EchoDeco™ panel designs can be customized to match any décor, style or brand.

  • EchoScape™ panels 3/8″ are available in 13 colors
  • EchoScape™ panels 3/4″ are available in 7 colors 
  • EchoScape™ is sustainable, VOC-free, and is 100% recyclable
  • Hang EchoDeco™ designs from ACT ceilings using a metal channel hanging kit, sold separately 
  • EchoDeco™ panel designs can be directly mounted to wall using a standard construction adhesive
  • Price shown is for (1) 47″W x 47″H, 3/8″ cut-out panel (in the tribal design) with 3/8″ solid color back panel and strap mounts (mounted on wall) 
  • Lead time: 3 weeks
  • Please contact a sales associate for assistance in purchasing additional designs, sizes or colors 


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