Adjustable Computer Cart With Casters



Adjustable mobile CPU stand conforms to most ATX cases. The stand features simple adjustment and easy transportation. Adjust the width to meet your needs from a min of 6 inches to a max 10.25 inches. Since this computer holder comes with wheels, it can be easily transportable and allows easy access to back of the computer. 4 lockable wheels prevent the stand from sliding, protecting your valuable equipment. The casters also provide additional height to keep your computer clean and facilitate increased airflow.

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This computer holder fits a variety of computer towers up to 10.25 inches in width. Tools are not required to adjust the width. Simply loosen the wingnuts to adjust the width, and within a short time you will have this ready-to-go. This cart is made with durable, hardened plastic that has a 60 lbs. carrying capacity. The elevated sides keep your computer in place and provide additional stability. Keep your computer in the best shape with the pads that comes with the cart. These pads will help protect your computer from scratches and increases the hold of the case. Buy today for more space, protection of your computer and added convenience at the office.


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