Fold-In Under Cabinet & Ceiling Tv Mount



This under cabinet TV mount makes a great space saver and organizer for your home or work place. The flip up mount keeps your screen out of sight until you want it. Fit it under a cabinet or on your ceiling to make viewing your display more comfortable and more convenient.

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The swiveling feature not only makes for an infinite number of positions and orientations, but it also makes it more functional. The ability to tilt and swivel lets you operate a touch screen display while moving around the room. It’s ideal for kitchens, offices, and work spaces where you want to make the most out of your touchscreen. The high-tech look mount offers 90 degrees tilt, 45 degrees swivel left and right for viewing angle adjustment. The arm of under cabinet TV mount that is connected to the TV can be extended or shortened to allow the best elevation for the TV. The mount comes with a special lip to secure the TV in folded position. The 44lbs weight capacity will easily withstand your screen or display, which warrants a safe space for mounting and hanging your beloved device. Our TV Mounts are made with high-grade quality rugged materials. All mounting hardware included with the mount.


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