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Rapid Response Ordering from SKUTCHI Designs Inc.

Because of the increasing need of our clients to create makeshift workspaces and room/space dividers, SKUTCHI Designs Inc. has created our “Rapid Response” ordering process. The goal is to make sure all orders/projects created using in-stock materials are immediately processed, manufactured, and shipped to our customers in the quickest turn-around time possible.

All in-stock cubicle workspaces and room dividing systems are available for quickship (meaning shipped within 72 hours) and eligible for an additional 10% discount. Free project consultation and free shipping is also a Rapid Response benefit on nearly every order. If you have questions about our Rapid Response ordering process, we can answer all your questions with a quick and simple phone call, email, or use the chat feature on this page.

We have already designed and shipped numerous projects for our existing clients across industries in the last few weeks alone. We anticipate more will be needed soon. If your business requires help, we're ready to assist.

Room Dividers and Partitions for COVID-19 Medical Facilities

Our cubicle workspaces and room dividing systems are currently being used by businesses, corporations, and government offices including medical, education, pharmaceutical, construction, and health care provider industries. This includes makeshift testing and treatment facilities being utilized by healthcare workers to keep themselves and patients safe. These panel systems can be configured any number of ways with different laminate options for the walls, tempered glass panels, locking doors, and electrical cord/data cable management "raceways" with built-in outlets.

Strong, Lightweight, and Movable

Strong Lightweight and Movable Room Dividers and Cubicles

Industrial grade materials go into every cubicle and room divider we make. Our lightweight, yet extremely durable aluminum frames feature unique, interlocking connectors allowing shapes and dimensions of cubicles and wall dividers for any size room or area. Our cubicles divider wall can be free standing or wall demountable. Incredibly strong and durable, and are designed to be scalable. So if you start with two and want to add two more, it can be done easily and affordably. In addition, our products come with limited warranty. You can work with one of our professional project managers to determine exactly what you need and how best to create the environments you're looking for. For more information, contact us by phone at (888) 993-3757. We can answer any questions you might have.

Easy to Clean Laminate & Glass Surfaces

Easy to Clean Laminate and Glass Surfaces

Repetitive cleaning and ongoing sterilization of cubicle workspaces are of absolute importance. For Rapid Response orders, you have a choice of four different laminate surfaces for the panels and tempered glass "toppers" can be added to several configurations currently available. These surfaces are non-pourus and are easy to clean and keep disinfected. Our panel walls can be all laminate surfaces, fabric surfaces, or a mixture of laminate/fabric/glass for whatever arrangement you require. You can work with one of our professional project managers to make sure you're getting all the options you need for your project.

Power Cord/Data Cable Management

Power and Data Cord Management

Will you need to have electrical or Ethernet connections in your cubicles? Instead of running endless extension cords throughout your workspace to allow for electrical devices to be utilized, both our Emerald & Sapphire product lines of cubicles and wall dividers can be ordered with hidden "raceway" tracks at their base to allow for both electrical outlets and Ethernet network cable outlets. Easy to install, invaluable for cord management, and easy to expand if you need to at a future point. If you have specific needs for your project, please don't hesitate to call us. We have expert space planners who can assist with your questions before you order.

Locking Doors

Three Different Door Styles with Locks

Our Sapphire Wall System line (cubicle walls 7', 8', or 9' tall) can feature your choice of three different styles of locking doors: a sliding acrylic door, a glass swinging door with a clear or frosted glass pane, or a solid swinging door surfaced in white laminate. These can add much needed privacy to your new workspaces if desired. Perfect for examination rooms, privacy rooms, individual office spaces, makeshift storage rooms, equipment storage etc. Door surfaces are also laminate coated and easy to clean and maintain.

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The professional space planners at SKUTCHI Designs Inc. are ready to put your Rapid Response order into production. Call us at (888) 993-3757 with your specific needs and we can have your cubicles and wall dividers to you... FAST.