A Unique and Elegant First Impression for All Your Visitors

Featuring Versatility While Combining Form and Function

The Lunar Reception Series by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. combines form and function to greet guests and establish a connection at first sight. The Lunar Reception Series will complement a wide spectrum of styles and décor and is sure to leave a lasting impression with guests.

Both pieces in this series (The Eclipse and The Wave) are available in several configurations to fit the unique design and spatial needs of your facility. Constructed with durable E1-rated laminate, the Lunar Reception Series is easily assembled with minimal tools for a faster, more simple installation.

What Makes The Lunar Reception Series Unique

  • Contemporary Silver Frame and Accents
  • White Laminate Worksurface and Panels
  • Frosted Glass Transaction Top
  • Constructed from E1 Emissions Rated White Laminate
  • Storage Options Available

Three Reception Desk Configurations to Choose From

The Lunar Reception Series offers these three configurations to choose from. If you desire a different shape or configuration, please contact us here at SKUTCHI Designs Inc. and we'll walk you through personalizing your order.

  • Moon Wave Reception - A more linear configuration for the Lunar Reception Series showcasing the white laminate panels and silver accents.
  • Crescent Moon Reception – 180-degree arrangement is an elegant design. The transaction shelf-top features tempered glass with plenty of surface area for displaying promotional materials, plants, or pictures.
  • Waning Moon Reception – Similar to the Crescent Moon, but with two additional segments to create a more wrapped-around and self-contained look.

Different Shapes Available for the Lunar Reception Series

Storage Cabinet Available for the Lunar Reception Series

You can complete the look for your Lunar Reception Series desk by adding one (or multiple) storage/file cabinets.

This mobile pedestal file cabinet offers ease of both function and security. Sturdily built, but light and easily movable, this multi-purpose cabinet allows for sitting, filing, storage, and can be locked to secure your possessions. Constructed from E1 emissions-rated in white laminate.

Featured Examples of the Pedestal Filing Cabinets

Featured Typicals of the Lunar Reception Series