We’ve heard it all before...cubicles are depressing and draining. Who would want to sit in one place and stare at a gray panel for eight hours a day? Everyone is looking for a way to make their cubicle less boring or at the very least, less depressing. Maybe hang pictures of your family and friends to remind you that the real world does still exist outside of those dreary, gray panels. We could all use a little motivation now and then...or always. A constant reminder that we can get through this day, or better yet, this week. Things can only get better from here.

If you want that promotion and finally be upgraded to the private corner office, you better work harder inside your office cubicle. If you’re hoping for a notable reference from your current boss for the job you will be applying for, don’t start slacking off now. And if you could use some extra motivation to help you get through your 9-5, here’s a few ideas that should help you make it through another day behind a desk.

  1. Keep this famous quote written on a whiteboard somewhere in your office or cubicle as a daily reminder to challenge yourself and take chances every day. Michael Scott said it best.

  1. Anything is possible after coffee. No one understands this quote better than tired employees hiding behind their cubicle walls at nine o’clock in the morning.

  1. A positive attitude in the office can change the way you see every task throughout the day. Even while your boss is constantly nagging you and a brand new report was just dropped on your desk. By the way, it’s due by the end of the week.

  1. Remind your team just how important teamwork is. So much more is possible when a team works efficiently as one.

  1. I’m sure you want to be successful, right? Everyone does. Leave this motivational quote in your cubicle to remind you just how to be a successful person.

  1. How much effort do you give at work? Be honest.

  1. Rule #1: Always remember the office rules.

  1. Here’s a quote to make you feel a little more positive about staying in the office until seven o’clock most nights.

  1. You succeed as a team or a company, not an individual. Remind yourself how to be a great leader and advance your team.

  1. Clearly, I’m a fan of the teamwork quotes.

  1. Although you may be in a cubicle, don’t let that limit you. Think like there is no box...or work in a glass cubicle and give yourself the illusion of a wall-less cubicle, either one will do.

  1. And, in case you need a reminder to always work hard, this quote is for your cubicle.

Even if you need to include every single one of these inspirational quotes in your workstation, keep yourself motivated to work hard and dream big to reach your goals as an employee and a person. Although you might feel boxed in most of the time, there’s no ceiling on your cubicle, so think big; you can only go up from here.