Financing Your Office Furniture

Can I Finance My Purchase of Office Furniture

SKUTCHI Designs offers the option of financing your office furniture instead of purchasing outright. 

We are preferred financing partners with NAVITAS Credit. Navitas makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for buyers of office furniture and equipment to secure their purchases. Navitas provides capital in the form of leases and loans to assist businesses in acquiring the equipment and financing they need to grow and stay competitive.

Financing your office furniture doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. A quick approval process will allow you to start moving ahead with your office furniture purchase.

Quick Response

  • Easier and quicker than a traditional bank loan
  • Same-day credit approval (usually, less than 1-hour)
  • A simple, one-page agreement to be signed for purchases under $150,000

Conserve Working Capital When You Finance Your Office Furniture

  • Keep your cash on hand for operational needs
  • Grow your business without a large cash outlay
  • Little to no upfront money in most cases

Custom Tailored, Flexible Solutions

  • Financing your office furniture is custom-fit to meet your company goals
  • 100% financing for all costs involved with your purchase (shipping, installation, etc)
  • Flexible payment terms. Customize your payment terms to fit your business, not the other way around

Convenient Tax Benefits

If interested in financing your office furniture, contact NAVITAS Credit at 866-956-2848 ext. 246 or email us today.