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The Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. offers the most durable, highest quality sit-to-stand desks available on the market today, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve also created an outstanding series of accessories to help consolidate and organize your workspace more efficiently than ever before.

Our desks feature near silent, electric-driven motors which can be set anywhere between 24” to 50”. You can also program three preset heights and set a digital timer to remind you when it’s time to take a stretch. The Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series features a collision and avoidance detection system which automatically stops all movement if an object is detected while the desktop is in motion.

Our accessory bundles will help give the most cluttered work desk the room needed to be organized and productive. A desktop or wall-mounted accessory rail allows for single or dual monitor arms, pencil cups, paper trays, and more!

What Makes the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series Unique

  • Both Rectangular and L-Shaped Desks Available
  • Near Silent Electric-Powered Motors
  • Collision Detection Technology Guarantees Safe Usage
  • Digitally Program Preset Heights with Timer Control
  • Accessory Package with Space Management Features

Highlights of the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series

The Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series has a ton of great features which should impress! Namely, the ease of assembly and operation.

  • Programmable Height Range – Whether you're tall, short, or somewhere in between, the Quantum Sit-to-Stand desks allow you to program up to three different heights you can access with the push of a button.
  • Advance Frame Design – Industrial-grade steel frame with two or three leg collapsible columns. Can support weights up to 275lbs to 330lbs!
  • Collision Detection – Safety first! The proprietary, gyro-current collision avoidance system instantly detects objects which slow or prevent the desk’s surface from rising or falling. Collision Detection –

Features of the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series

Accessory Rail and Additional Features of the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Desks

You can complete the look for your Quantum Sit-to-Stand desk by adding a desktop or wall mounted accessory rail.

These double sided accessory rails can help free up much needed worksurface real estate by taking items usually placed on the desktop and placing them off the surface.

Items such as single or dual monitor arms, cup holders, paper trays, etc., no longer need to clutter up your work area. Call or contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc. for more information.

Accessory Rail for the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series

Power Strip Holder Clamp On Diagram

Worksurface Laminate Options for the Quantum Sit-to-Stand Desks

We also offer several patterns for our laminate selections; from solid whites and grays, to a variety of simulated woodgrain finishes. Our laminates can be used on either the rectangular or L-shaped desks.. If you're looking for a pattern not pictured here, contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® for alternative options. All laminates pictured here are subject to availability, please contact us for our current selection and inventory.

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