Indigo Desk Series – Modern Office Desks with Limitless Options


Practical Solutions for the Modern Business Desk

What Makes the Indigo Desk Series Unique

  • Both Rectangular and L-Shaped Desks Available
  • Your Choice of “Box” leg or C-leg configuration in Charcoal Gray or Silver
  • Up to 10 Different Laminate Desk Surface Options
  • Metal or Frosted Acrylic Modesty Panels Available
  • Manufactured to work with any SKUTCHI Designs Inc. product line.
  • Extras can Include box/box/file cabinets, Accessory Rail, Monitor Arms, etc.
  • Custom orders are available. Please call (888) 993-3757 for more information.

The Indigo Desk Series by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. gives you multiple appearance options for your office desk. Designed to work with nearly all of our cubicle and workstation product lines, the Indigo Desk Series offers multiple options for laminates, shapes, and bases which can accommodate the look and feel of nearly any workspace.

Starting with your choice of the desk’s base. You may want to go with a traditional C-leg configuration or choose a more stylish “box” leg look. Bases are available in either charcoal gray or silver finishes and bring the desk height (with worksurface) to 30” high. Modesty panels are available in perforated metal for our C-legs bases or beautifully crafted, silver modesty brackets to accessorize the frosted acrylics with our box leg configuration.

Our laminated worksurfaces are non-porous and easy to clean and disinfect. Choose from 10 different laminate surface patterns: from solid whites and grays to several simulated wood grains.

These desks can come with a standard rectangular desktop or enhance and maximize your workspace with our L-shaped configuration.

You can order these desks direct from this website or consider speaking with one of our professional office space project planners. We can help you maximize your purchasing dollars with our decades of experience.

Base & Storage Options for the Indigo Desk Series
There are two basic styles of bases for the Indigo Desk Series to choose from. Either the “C”-Leg or a “Box”-Leg

You can complete the look for your Indigo Desk Series by adding a desktop or wall mounted accessory rail.

These double sided accessory rails can help free up much needed worksurface real estate by taking items usually placed on the desktop and placing them off the surface.

Items such as single or dual monitor arms, cup holders, paper trays, etc., no longer need to clutter up your work area. These accessory rails are only available for desks of a certain width, please call or contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc. for more information before ordering.

Box/Box/File Storage


Small Drawer

2 Drawer Lateral File

File/File Storage

Overhead Bin

Metal Modesty Panel

Render of 70"W Frosted Modesty Panel

Acrylic Modesty Panel