Emerald Cubicle Collection – Cubicle Desks an Call Center Workstations

Emerald Cubicle Collection

Cubicle Desks, Call Center Workstations, and Office Space Dividers

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What Makes The Emerald Cubicle Collection Unique

  • Cubicle Walls Ranging in Heights of 39", 52", 65"
  • Panels can Include Your Choice Of 14 Different Fabric Colors or Whiteboard Dry Erase Surfaces.
  • High-tempered Glass "Toppers" Available for Panel Walls
  • Desks and Worksurfaces Include Your Choice of 8 Different Laminate Colors/Patterns
  • A Wide Variety of Desks and Workplace Accessories
  • Work with Professional Office Space Planners to Conceive and Complete Your Project
  • Installation Services Available Upon Request
  • Lead Time 2-3 Weeks
  • Custom orders are available. Please call (888) 993-3757 for more information.

The Emerald Cubicle Collection by SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® is your one-stop solution for creating modern cubicle workstations. Comprised of modular panels reaching 39", 52", or 65" in height, this versatile desking arrangement allows you to create unique and scalable desking solutions whether it's for one or one hundred employees.

The Emerald Cubicle Collection combines cubicle walls with a variety of desks with laminated surfaces, locking pedestal filing cabinets, shelving, lockable storage bins, paper trays & pencil holders, and just about anything else a cubicle workstation might require.

The Emerald Cubicle Collection utilizes incredibly strong and lightweight aluminum frames with uniquely shaped connectors to create an unending variety of structures. Choose from 15 different colored fabrics to create tackable surfaces for your panels or incorporate whiteboard dry-erase surfaces. You can also choose tempered glass "toppers" for your panel walls to strike that perfect blend of privacy and transparency in your workplace. Cubicle connectors come in all shapes and sizes to create non-linear cubicle groupings which really stand out and look distinctively professional.

Perfect for call centers, automotive BDC centers, showrooms, libraries, study areas, bullpens, accounting centers, classrooms, the Emerald Cubicle Collection can provide everything needed to create a more efficient and productive office space.

Data Networking, Phone, & Electrical Outlet Options
Network connectors, phone jacks, and electrical outlet conduits are built into the Emerald Cubicle Collection. No need for messy extension cords or CAT ethernet cables running amok underneath your desk. Flip-down access panes reveal these "raceways" tracks at the base of each wall which allow for cord management in a safe and efficient way (professional electrician recommended for installation). A clever solution and yet another benefit of using the Emerald Cubicle Collection for your cubicles.

The Emerald Cubicle Collection offers more than just the size, shape, and colors of your cubicles; it offers a complete line of desks, storage cabinets, and accessories as well.

  • Desks and Worksurface Options – Plenty of options! Choose from four different shapes (and various sizes) for the worksurface of your choice with up to 10 different laminate options. We also specialize in sit-to-stand desks.
  • Pedestal Storage Cabinets – four different choices when it comes to file storage. Two- and three-drawer pedestal cabinets, lateral filing cabinets, and rolling cushion-top. All cabinets have locks with keys for privacy and safety.
  • Glass Whiteboard – Whether for notes, presentations, or a place for important reminders, it helps to have a dry erase surface handy. Mounted directly into the cubicle wall.
Render of Metal File/File Pedestal

Charcoal FF

Charcoal BBF

Charcoal 2 Lateral Storage

Mobile Pedestal

Wally Mobile Storage

Charcoal 24 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 36 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 24 Inch Bookshelf

Charcoal 36 Inch Bookshelf

24 Inch Quarter Panel Shelf

24 Inch Triangle Panel Shelf

24 Inch Corner Panel Shelf

36 Inch Quarter Panel Shelf

36 Inch Triangle Panel Shelf

36 Inch Quarter Panel Shelf

Charcoal Under Desk Drawer

Single Sided Slat Wall

Double Sided Slat Wall

Wall Mounted Slat Wall

Emerald Panel Accessories

Charcoal 52 Inch Sliding Cubicle Door

Charcoal 65 Inch Sliding Cubicle Door

24 Inch Task Light

36 Inch Task Light

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Call Center
Customer Service
120 Degree

2-Person Call Center Cubicle 3' x 6' x 52"

3-Person Workstation with L-Shaped Worksurfaces 5' x 6' x 65"/39"

4-Person L-Shaped Cubicle Workstation 6' x 6' x 65"

U-Shaped Cubicle 5' x 7' x 65"

Executive Cubicle 12' x 8' x 65"

Executive Cubicle 7' x 7' x 65"

U-Shaped Cubicle 8' x 5' x 65"

Reception Cubicle 9' x 6' x 39"

Reception Cubicle 6' x 12' x 65"/39"

Managerial Cubicle 12' x 18' x 65"

Bullpen Cubicle 15' x 12' x 65"

U-Shaped Cubicle 6' x 9' x 39"

4-Person Workstation with L-Shaped Worksurfaces 6' x 8' x 65"

Customer Service Cubicle with L-Shaped Worksurface 8' x 9' x 65"/52"

10-Person Call Center Cubicles 3' x 5' x 52"/39"

10-Person Call Center Cubicle 3' x 5' x 52"/39"

4-Person Call Center Workstation 3' X 6' X 39"

4-Person Call Center Workstation 2' x 4' x 65"/52"

4-Person Call Center Workstation 3' x 5' x 52"

3-Person 120 Degree Workstation Cubicle 3' x 3' x 52"