Sapphire Cubicle System – Unlimited Cubicle Desk Arrangements


Cubicle Workstations & Desk Arrangements in Heights of 39”, 52”, and 65”

Industrial grade cubicle workstations and desks built for durability and style. The Sapphire Cubicle System has it all.

Cubicle Workstations System Like No Other

  • Office Cubicle Workstations Ranging in Heights of 39″, 52″, 65″
  • Industrial Grade Aluminum Frames & Connectors 
  • 3 1/4” Thick Divider Walls
  • Panels Include Your Choice of 15 Different Fabric Colors, 4 Different Laminates, Tempered Glass, Polyurethane (PET) Material, or Whiteboard Dry Erase Surfaces.
  • Tempered Glass Panel Thickness 3/8″
  • Desk Work Surfaces Include 10 Different Laminate Colors/Patterns
  • 6”H Raceways for Electrical/Networking Wire Management
  • Lead times 2-3 weeks
  • Custom orders are available. Please call (888) 993-3757 for more information.
  • Custom and quick-ship options available
  • A wide variety of desks and workplace accessories
  • Work with Professional Office Space Planners to conceive and complete your project
  • Installation services available nationwide and upon request
  • Fabric ISO 9001
  • Fabric: California technical bulletin 117 section E part 1 (CS191-53) = PASS
  • BS 3852 Part 1-1079, Match Test = PASS
  • Electric: UL Listed
  • ASTM E84-18a Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials = Class B
  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.6-2016 = Pass
  • To determine the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Emissions from the submitted sample(s) with reference to ANSI/BIFMA M 7.1-2011 (R2016) = Pass

When it comes to creating office work environments, no cubicle system can compare with the Sapphire Cubicle System. Not only does it offer endless combinations of dimensions, layouts, colors, and dozens of desk accessories, but it’s also manufactured from the highest grades of industrial strength materials.

More About Sapphire Cubicle Workstations

Utilizing the versatility offered by the Sapphire Cubicle System, you can create nearly any type of private office, open office, traditional office, or hybrid work areas. Since it’s designed with scalability in mind, you can create a single cubicle workspace, or group them together to create islands of cubicle workstations throughout your office space. There is no environment the Sapphire Cubicle System cannot fill.

The Sapphire Cubicle System offers cubicle panel heights of 39”, 52”, or 65”. You can mix and match your choice of over a dozen different fabric colors and 10 different laminate surfaces. Other panel surfaces can include tempered glass panes, whiteboard dry erase surfaces, or our sound absorbing PET (polyurethane) material. This cubicle system also allows for built-in baseline electrical/data raceways to hide cable clutter. Our cubicle workstations are designed to give you the ability to strike the perfect balance between office space privacy and productivity. 

Data Networking, Phone, & Electrical Outlet Options
Network connectors, phone jacks, and electrical outlet conduits are built into the Sapphire Cubicle System. No need for messy extension cords or CAT ethernet cables running amok underneath your desk. Flip-up access panes reveal these "raceways" tracks at the base of each wall which allow for cord management in a safe and efficient way (professional electrician recommended for installation). A clever solution and yet another benefit of using the Sapphire Cubicle System for your cubicles.
Storage Accessories & Worksurface Options
Plenty of options for your storage needs with the Sapphire Cubicle System. From bookshelves and locking overhead storage bins to accessory rails to hold your pencil holders and paper tray racks. Locking pedestal cabinets are also an option.

There are several options for the size, shape, and laminate you can choose for the worksurfaces in our cubicles. Be sure to check with our professional office design specialists for a comprehensive explanation of all your options.
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Accessories for Sapphire Cubicle Workstations

The Sapphire Cubicle System offers more than just the size, shape, and colors of your cubicles; it offers a complete line of desks, storage cabinets, and accessories as well.

  • Desks and Worksurface Options – Plenty of options! Choose from four different shapes (and various sizes) for the worksurface of your choice with up to 10 different laminate options. We also specialize in sit-to-stand desks.
  • Pedestal Storage Cabinets – four different choices when it comes to file storage. Two- and three-drawer pedestal cabinets, lateral filing cabinets, and rolling cushion-top. All cabinets have locks with keys for privacy and safety.
  • Glass Whiteboard – Whether for notes, presentations, or a place for important reminders, it helps to have a dry erase surface handy. Mounted directly into the cubicle wall.

Dual Drawer Filing Cabinet - Silver

Three Drawer Cabinet - BBF (Box, Box, Filing) - Silver

Dual Lateral Drawer Filing Cabinet - Silver

Wally Mobile Storage

24-Inch Overhead Bin - Silver

36 Inch Overhead Bin - Silver

24 Inch Bookshelf - Silver

36 Inch Bookshelf - Silver

Quarter Panel Shelf - 24 Inches

Quarter Panel Shelf - 36 Inches

Triangle Panel Shelf - 24 Inches

Corner Panel Shelf - 24 Inches

Quarter Panel Shelf - 36 Inches

Triangle Panel Shelf - 36 Inches

Under Desk Drawer - Silver

Single Sided Slat Wall

Double Sided Slat Wall

Wall Mounted Slat Wall

24 Inch Double Sided Panel Accessories

36 Inch Double Panel Accessories

24 Inch Panel Accessories

36 Inch Panel Accessories

Silver 52 Inch Sliding Cubicle Door

Silver 65 Inch Sliding Cubicle Door

24 Inch Task Light

36 Inch Task Light

Sapphire Cubicle System Install:
3 & 4 Way Connector
Sapphire Cubicle System Install:
Panel to Panel Connector
Sapphire Cubicle System Install:
End Trim
Sapphire Cubicle System Install:
Light Blocker Guide

The typicals pictured below are the most commonly ordered arrangements of the Sapphire Cubicle System. Remember that any typical on this page can be altered or modified to your specifications. Call (888) 993-3757 and ask for a project manager. We can accommodate nearly any modifications you wish to make.

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Customer Service
Call Center
120 Degree

2-Person Cubicle w/ L-Shaped Worksurfaces 6' x 6' x 65"

3-Person Cubicle w/ L-Shaped Worksurfaces 6' x 6' x 52"

4-Person Cubicle w/ L-Shaped Worksurfaces 6' x 8' x 65"/52"/39"

6-Person Call Center Cubicle Workstation feat. Acrylic Panel Extenders 5' x 7' x 65"/52"/39"

U-Shaped Cubicle w/ Glass Toppers & BBF Storage 9' x 6' x 52"

Customer Service Cubicle w/ Storage & Shelving 9' x 9' x 65"/52"

2-Person U-Shaped Cubicle Workstation 6' x 10' x 52"

4-Person Call Center Workstations w/ L-Shaped Worksurfaces 6' x 8' x 39"

2-Person Cubicle Stations w/ L-Shaped Worksurfaces 5' x 5' x 65"

Reception Station w/ L-Shaped Worksurface 6' x 7' x 65"/52"/39"

2-Person L-Shaped Face-to-Face Workstation feat. BBF Cabinets 5' x 6' x 52"H

4-Person Workstation feat. Shelving, Storage, & L-Shaped Worksurfaces 5' x 7' x 65"/52"/39"

8-Person Side-by-Side Workstation feat. Glass Toppers 6' x 8' x 52"

10-Person Side-by-Side Cubicle Workstation w/ L-Shape Worksurfaces 6' x 6' x 65"

120 Degree Workstation feat. Glass Toppers & BBF Cabinets 4' x 2' x 65"/52"/39"

3-Person 120 Degree Cubicle Workstation 3' x 2' x 52"

4-Person 120 Degree Workstation 14' x 9' x 52"

4-Person 120 Degree Workstation 4' x 6' x 65"

120 Degree Workstation feat. Corner Shelf, BBF & Lateral Cabinets

8-Person Call Center Cubicle 12' x 25' x 84"/65"/52"