Click the image below of the system you're interested in and style away! Each system has multiple fabric, laminate, and glass panel options to choose from. Select the product line which best suites your office needs. Our cubicle customizers makes it easy to plan the exact set up for which you're looking.

Emerald Cubicle Collection Panel CustomizerSapphire Cubicle System Panel CustomizerSapphire Wall System Panel CustomizerSAPSlim Cubicle System Panel Customizer
Emerald Cubicle Collection CustomizerSapphire Cubicle System CustomizerSapphire Wall System CustomizerSAPslim Cubicle System Customizer
The Emerald Cubicle Collection by SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® is your one-stop solution for creating modern cubicle workstations. Comprised of modular fabric panels with tempered glass "toppers" reaching 39", 52", or 65" in height, this versatile desking collection allows you to create unique and scalable desking solutions whether it's for one or one hundred employees.
The Sapphire Cubicle System offers cubicle panel heights of 39”, 52”, or 65”, you can mix and match your choice of different fabrics, laminate surfaces, or affix glass-paneled “toppers” to create that perfect balance between office space privacy and transparency. This cubicle system also allows for both a baseline or beltline electrical cord/data networking cable conduit to hide cable clutter.

The Sapphire Wall System features wall heights ranging from 7', 8' or 9'ft and utilize incredibly strong yet lightweight aluminum frames with connectors to create freestanding structures without permanent attachments to the floor or ceiling. The Sapphire Wall System can be removed or reconfigured at will.

The SAPslim Cubicle System is our newest, entry-level cubicle/divider product line. This versatile cubicle divider panel system was designed with affordability and practicality in mind. Its lightweight, modular construction makes it easy to quickly assemble in any work environment.