Free Office Design Plan Consultation

You Have Questions. SKUTCHI Designs Has Answers.

Would you like a free office interior design phone consultation? Starting a new office design project can be a bit overwhelming if you have never had to start one before. There are a ton of questions you’ll have about feasibility, logistics, product selection, availability, installation, building codes, compliancy, shipping costs, and turnaround times. So many questions, in fact, you might have a difficult time determining where to start.

SKUTCHI Designs Inc. employs the talents and skills of the best office interior design professionals in the business. They can put you on the path to understanding how to get started with your office interior design project—and it’s much easier than you might think.

Book a free, 15-minute phone consultation by using the appointment feature below. You will be assigned to one of our project managers who will walk you through… step by step… exactly what you’ll need to get your project off the drawing board and put into motion.

Professional Office Design Services

Lastly, the most valuable product offered by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. is our staff’s decades-long knowledge of professional interior design services. If you have a workspace you need filled with our cubicle walls, workstations, conference tables, sit-to-stand desks, or the many other workplace furniture products we manufacture, you need only rely on the expertise of SKUTCHI Designs Inc. Our office design experts take a simple drawing of your office’s dimensions and create spaces worthy of your corporate brand. Our goal is to create a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic. We’ll provide you a space that brings a smile to your face every time you walk through your door.