Commercial Office Furniture Product Lines

SKUTCHI Designs Inc features commercial office furniture sought by some of the biggest Fortune 500 corporations in the world. We’ve helped thousands of companies create unique and productive work environments for their employees and clients. Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. assist you in developing an office environment which reflects your corporate brand and helps your employees excel in their productivity. Below are some of our most popular commercial office furniture product lines: from cubicle walls and workstations to sit-to-stand desks, conference tables, reception desks, and more.

Sapphire Wall System

This high-wall office cubicle system is a modular panel system. It offers office cubicle walls with heights of 7′, 8′ or 9’ft. It is fully demountable and scalable; meaning it can be removed or reconfigured at will to move or adapt with your office space’s needs. Additionally, the Sapphire Wall System offers three styles of locking doors.
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Sapphire Cubicle System

When it comes to creating office work environments, no cubicle system can compare with the Sapphire Cubicle System. Offering endless combinations of dimensions, layouts, colors, and dozens of desk accessories. The Sapphire Cubicle System offers cubicle panel heights of 39″ , 52″, or 65″.
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SAPslim Cubicle System

The SAPslim Cubicle System is our newest, entry-level cubicle/divider product line. This versatile cubicle divider panel system was designed with affordability and practicality in mind. Its lightweight, modular construction makes it easy to quickly assemble in any work environment.
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Emerald Cubicle Collection

Made from incredibly strong and lightweight aluminum frames. The Emerald Cubicles System offers tackable, modular panels reaching 39″, 52″, or 65″ in height combined with a variety of laminated desk surfaces. Loaded with options for desk accessories, there are virtually no limits to what you can create.
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Quantum Sit-to-Stand Desk Series

The Quantum Sit-to-Stand Series offers the most durable, highest quality sit-to-stand desks available on the market today, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve also created an outstanding series of desk accessories to help consolidate and organize your workspace more efficiently than ever.
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Harmony Conference Table Series

Introducing the Harmony Conference Series. These tables are built to impress with a variety of sizes, shapes, laminates, as well as streamlined electrical and data integration options to make them as utile as they are stylish. Bring a new level of flair and quality to your staff or board meetings.
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eSCAPE Acoustic & Privacy Products

Reduce the noise pollution in your workplace while increasing the privacy needed to become safer and more productive. Our eScape Series offer panels of all shapes, sizes, and colors to help reduce both visual and auditory distractions. Desk dividers, room partitions, and cubicle extenders.
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The Nova Desking System

The Nova Desking System allows you to combine laminated worksurfaces, steel tubing “box” legs, desktop screens, drawer/filing cabinets, and other desking accessories all in one affordable package. The Nova Desking System adds tons of conveniences and options you won’t find on other desking systems.
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The Indigo Desk Series

The Indigo Desk Series offers limitless options for the laminates, shapes, and bases which can accommodate the look and feel of nearly any worksurface.
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Sol Office Furniture Collection

The Sol Office Furniture Collection feature credenza cabinets, bookshelves/bookcases, and an assortment of additional office suite furniture to complete that modern workplace look.
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Harmony Office Table Series

Office tables of all sorts. Complete the decorative look of any room in your business or workplace with our modern and stylish coffee tables, bistro tables, and console tables.
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SKUTCHI Designs Inc - About Us

Why SKUTCHI Designs Inc?

As a leader in the commercial office furniture business for the last 25+ years, our knowledge of the industry’s past, present, and future makes us an obvious choice. SKUTCHI Designs Inc has successfully completed contracts for businesses, corporations, schools, government agencies, and medical practitioners of all sizes and budgets across the country. 

Also, we have a proven and simple formula for success. Our “From Concept to Completion” process is highly effective when it comes to completing our commercial office furniture projects on time and within budget. 

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Professional Office Space Planning Services

Commercial office furniture - SKUTCHI Designs Inc - Professional Office Design ServicesWhile we offer all different types of commercial office furniture, the most valuable product offered by SKUTCHI Designs Inc is our staff’s decades-long knowledge of professional interior design services. If you have a workspace you need filled with our cubicle walls, workstations, conference tables, sit-to-stand desks, or the many other workplace furniture products we manufacture, you need only rely upon our expertise.

Our office design experts take a simple drawing of your office’s dimensions and create spaces worthy of your corporate brand. Our goal is to create a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic. We’ll provide you a space that brings a smile to your face every time you walk through your door.