Open Area Seating Solutions with Privacy in Mind

Manage Your Seating, Maintain Your Privacy

If your office or workspace features an open-concept design or shared workspaces, the Nova Desking System might be a perfect addition to consider. Consolidate your available space and save valuable dollars with this centralized, practical, and utilitarian desking solution.

Shared workstations are perfect for libraries, open space work areas, lecture rooms, classrooms, training facilities, and call centers. With the Nova Desking System, you can accommodate the group while providing privacy for the individual.

Its features include a fresh, new-century look, charcoal colored steel-frame tubing, multiple worksurface laminate options, and a variety of materials, colors, and sizes for the desk’s privacy screens.

The Nova Desking System allows you to create shared areas customized to suit any décor. Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. show you how.

What Makes The Nova Desking System Unique

  • Advance Frame Design – Industrial-grade steel frame
  • 1" Thick Worksurface w/ Multiple Laminates Available
  • Compatable with eSCAPE Privacy Screens - Acrylic or Sound Absorbing polyurethane (PET) fabric
  • eSCAPE Privacy Screens Available in Heights of 12", 16" and 18" (custom shapes & sizes available)
  • Multiple Worksurface Laminates Available
  • Work with Professional Office Space Planners to Conceive and Complete Your Project
  • Installation Services Available Upon Request
  • Additional sizes available. For more information please call: 888-993-3757

Desktop Privacy Screens

Part of what makes the Nova Desking System so popular with our customers are the many options available for desktop privacy screens. We offer two different types of materials: frosted acrylic or the sound absorbing polyurethane (PET) material we use in our eSCAPE Acoustical Solutions line.

  • Acrylic Desk Screens – our acrylic desk screens are made specifically to increase the spatial and visual privacy for every person seated. These panels are firmly secured in place with three different types of panel clamps. Acrylic panels are available in heights of 12", 16" and 18". Custom shapes and sizes can be produced upon request.
  • PET Desk Screens – These screens are made from sound absorbing polyurethane (PET) material which is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. They increase both visual and auditory privacy and come in a variety of colors and sizes ranging in heights of 12", 16" and 18". Eco-friendly and extremely affordable, our eSCAPE desk screens are a perfect enhancement for your Nova Desking System.

Installing our desktop privacy screens are a snap as you can see in the following images:

eSCAPE Privacy Screen Color Options

Because our eSCAPE privacy screens are made from recycled plastic, we're able to offer multiple colors for you to choose from:

eSCAPE Acoustical Panel Color Options

Tabletop Laminate Options for the Nova Desking System

Below are the worksurface laminate options for the Nova Desking System; from solid whites and grays, to a variety of simulated wood grain finishes. Our laminates are extremely durable and offer non-pourus surface which are a snap to clean and disinfect. If you're looking for a laminate not pictured here, contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® for alternative options.

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Black Oak


Sea Salt






Gray Speckle


Featured Typicals of the Nova Desking System