eSCAPE Acoustic Panels and Privacy Solutions – Sound Absorbing Acoustical Panels and Privacy Screens

eSCAPE Series

Sound Absorbing Acoustical Panels & Acrylic Privacy Screens

What Makes eSCAPE Acoustical & Privacy Solutions Unique

  • Materials are Your Choice of Acrylic Panels or 100% Recyclable Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Several Color Options Available for Both Materials
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes Available Upon Request
  • Out-of-the-Box Easy Installation. Little to No Assembly Required for Most Products
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Panels have a NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Rating of ~.60 (60%) to ~.75 (75%)
  • ASTM E-84 Fireproof Rating of CLASS A
  • Work with Professional Office Space Planners to Conceive and Complete Your Project
  • Custom orders are available. Please call (888) 993-3757 for more information.

made in the USA logoOffice workplaces are changing and will most likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The need to create safer and more clearly defined work areas has never been more important. Employers and employees alike need greater physical privacy as well as reduced visual/noise pollution solutions where they work.

Our eSCAPE line of acoustical and privacy solutions provides products designed to increase privacy while decreasing distractions at work. We offer multiple products, made from unique materials, to help create better defined areas where comfort, safety, and productivity can be the focus of everyone who uses them.


A before image of an office space without eSCAPE products An after image of an office space with eSCAPE products.

How Much Sound do eSCAPE Panels Absorb?

The International Organization for Standardization (IOS) uses the testing method known as ISO 354 to measure the Noise Reduction Coefficient of a material.

In order to understand the sound reducing effectiveness our eSCAPE panels, it’s important to remember that the absorption of soundwaves is different for every frequency. For example, a high frequency sound with a short wavelength (human voices, telephones ringing, appliances beeping, et al.) can be absorbed more efficiently by our eSCAPE panels, while lower frequency sounds aren’t absorbed as effectively, due to their longer wavelength.

It’s important to remember the overall area of a room, the walls/ceiling/floor of a room, even the temperature of a room has an effect on how best (and how much) sound can be absorbed.

Our eSCAPE panels measure an average 0.6 (60%) reduction of lower frequency sounds and a 0.75 (75%) reduction of higher frequency sound in most environments. Our panels are not designed to eliminate all noise, but they effectively reduce the widest range of ambient noise in your workspace. 

Unlimited Possibilities with eSCAPE Panels
We offer a number of products which utilize this remarkable material. Any product we sell in our eSCAPE Series includes the option for custom shapes and color combinations. Call for customized orders.

Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels – With several different stock designs from which to choose, these wall-mounted panels come in multiple sizes and your choice of 14 different colors of our 100% Recyclable Polyurethane (PET) material.

Hanging Acoustical Panels – Our panels can easily be made to hang suspended from the ceiling of your office or workplace for directed sound reduction and create artificial room dividers. Available in our 100% Recyclable Polyurethane (PET) material.

Desk Dividers and Modesty Panels – For individual or shared desk areas, it’s easy to see the advantage of both visual and auditory privacy with our eSCAPE Series panels. Desk dividers and surround panels should be considered essential in any work environment. Custom patterns and shapes available upon request.

Freestanding Acoustical Panel – Divide up open workspaces without permanently altering the walls, ceilings, or floors. Easy to store when no longer needed or moved around if necessary. Target area of your workspace with too much noise or where social distancing is advised.

Cubicle Wall Panel Extenders – Increase the effectiveness of your current workstation walls by increasing their height with these simple and useful panel extenders. Available in both our eSCAPE Series Acrylic and 100% Recyclable Polyurethane (PET) Materials. Decrease noise pollution and increase personal privacy in the workplace.
eSCAPE Acoustical Solutions

eSCAPE Acoustical SolutionsA quiet office is a productive office. Between coworker conversations, office equipment, and ringing phones, it’s not difficult to imagine the overall impact which ambient noise has on the employee productivity. Our eSCAPE acoustic panels have a B1 fireproof level rating, are water resistant, and have a soft, felt-like texture. Best of all, these products are made in the United States from recyclable polyurethane (PET) material with 14 different colors to choose from. Give your office a whole new look while removing distracting sounds. Let us assist you with noise pollution removal in your workplace.
Panel Mount Assembly
Regardless of the type of mount (desktop mount/ freestanding mount/ edge mount) securing the panels to your worksurface couldn’t be easier! Two small screws and a small adjustment knob on the side make it a snap to put together.
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Desktop Mount Clamp

Double Edge Mount Clamp

Edge Mount with Knob

Edge Mount Clamp

Free Standing Mount

Cubicle Extender Clamp

Hanging Panel Support Clip

Hanging Panel Support Clip Bar

Hanging Panels and Acoustical Baffle Hardware Installation