Mobile Office Partition | Modern Room Divider | SAPslim Cubicle Collection | 6 x 65″H



  • Overall Footprint Size: 5’7″W x 2’9″D x 65″H
  • Features Include:
    • 1-1/4″ thick panels (Shown in Sea Salt Laminate)
    • Panels are available in clear acrylic and sea salt laminate 
    • Complementary brushed aluminum frame
    • Coordinates with the Sapphire Cubicle System for a uniformed working environment

Call toll-free (888) 993-3757 to discuss additional sizes, shapes or laminates available.



The SAPslim Cubicle System is extremely versatile. With it, you can create intricate cubicle configurations or, in this case, simple divider walls to define and separate work spaces where none existed prior. The importance of divider walls between employees contributes to a safer, properly socially distanced office. The SAPslim walls are lightweight and covered in non-porous laminates which are easy to clean and disinfect regularly.

This is a freestanding arrangement, but locking caster wheels can be added to the base if you need to make it mobile and easily movable.

And don’t forget, the panels can be the pictured laminate or choose from multiple fabric surfaces, frosted polycarbonate or clear acrylic.

Let SKUTCHI Designs Inc. answer any questions you may have before you order. We can help with your office design needs today.

Additional information

Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 34 × 10 in
Skutchi Designs\, Inc.



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