Demountable Cubicles Walls with Heights of 7', 8' or 9'

Cubicle Walls Offering Quality, Privacy, and Unlimited Workspace Arrangements

The Sapphire Wall System by SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® is an innovative interior office wall solution designed to create efficiently divided work environments for new or existing office spaces. This highly versatile modular panel system—with heights ranging from 7', 8' or 9'ft—utilize incredibly strong yet lightweight aluminum frames with connectors to create freestanding structures without permanent attachments to the floor or ceiling of your office space. Fully demountable and expandable, the Sapphire Wall System can be removed or reconfigured at will to move or adapt with your office space's needs.

Additionally, the Sapphire Wall System offers three styles of lockable doors which can be added to any configuration of walls systems over 7’ high.

Use the Sapphire Wall System within your new or existing workspace to create private areas such as individual offices, conference rooms, massage therapy rooms, tanning bed areas, medical office examination rooms, changing rooms, privacy pods, hospitality spaces, lactation\medical wellness rooms, study spaces, interview areas, or wherever privacy is essential in a working environment.

What Makes The Sapphire Wall System Unique

  • Fully Demountable, Floor-to-Ceiling Cubicle Walls Ranging in Heights of 7', 8', 9'
  • Three Different Styles of Locking Doors: Sliding Acrylic Door, Solid Swing Door, or Solid Swing Door w/ Glass Panel Insert
  • Interchangeable Panel Selection of high-tempered Glass, 14 Fabric Colors, or 8 Laminate Patterns
  • Work with Professional Office Space Planners to Conceive and Complete Your Project
  • Installation Services Available Upon Request

Cubicles with Locking Doors

A large percentage of our clients utilizing the Sapphire Wall System do so because this system offers three different styles of doors which lock. Privacy is a growing concern in the workplace and our Sapphire Wall System accommodates that need. We have three different types of doors to choose from:

  • Sliding Door - a single pane of acrylic which slides to the side to gain access. This type of door has an optional floor-mounted key/lock mechanism. The panel may be clear or choose from several decorative film appliqués (see below) to reduce visibility yet allow for ambient light to pass through.
  • Swing Door – a solid 32” wide door which gives your cubicle a conventional look and feel. A locking, twist-handle doorknob with a white laminate surface are included to enhance security and privacy.
  • Swing Door w/ Glass Panel – This swing door also measures 32” wide with a locking, twist-handle doorknob and white laminate surface. This variation offers an inset glass panel which you may also apply our decorative film appliqués (see below) to reduce visibility yet allow for ambient light to pass through.

Desks, Storage, and Accessories

The Sapphire Wall System offers more than just the size, shape, and colors of your cubicles; it offers a complete line of desks, storage cabinets, and accessories as well.

  • Desks and Worksurface Options - Plenty of options! Choose from four different shapes (and various sizes) for the worksurface of your choice multiple laminate options. We also specialize in sit-to-stand desks.
  • Pedestal Storage Cabinets – five different choices when it comes to file storage. Two- and three-drawer pedestal cabinets, lateral filing cabinets, and rolling cushion-top. All cabinets have locks with keys for privacy and safety.
  • Glass Whiteboard – Whether for notes, presentations, or a place for important reminders, it helps to have a dry erase surface handy. Mounted directly into the cubicle wall.
Sapphire Wall System Accessories and Storage Options

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Fabric Options for the Sapphire Wall System

The Sapphire Wall System currently offers a selection of 14 different fabrics to use with your cubicle panels. You may pick more than one color of fabric to create color motifs for your panel walls or create a mixture of fabric, laminate, or glass panels to create virtually unlimited looks for your workspace or office. Below is our current selection of available color fabrics. Contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® for our most current selection.

Click an Image Below to View a High-Res Version



















Royal Blue




Blue Lagoon


Cool Aqua






Laminate Options for the Sapphire Wall System

We also offer several patterns for our laminate panel selections; from solid whites and grays, to a variety of simulated woodgrain finishes. Our laminates can be used as panels on the walls of your cubicle space and on any desk or work surfaces you may choose inside your workspace. If you're looking for a pattern not pictured here, contact SKUTCHI Designs Inc.® for alternative options. All laminates pictured here are subject to availability, please contact us for our current selection and inventory.

Click an Image Below to View a High-Res Version











Black Oak


Sea Salt






Gray Speckle


Glass Panel Options for the Sapphire Wall System

Glass panels are what make the Sapphire Wall System our most popular cubicle solution for our clients! With the ability to pick and choose where on the walls you want your glass panels to be placed, you can strike the perfect balance of privacy and transparency. We even offer configurations of floor-to-ceiling glass panels if desired. The glass panels offered by the Sapphire Wall System may be clear or choose from several decorative film appliqués (see below) to reduce visibility yet allow for ambient light to pass through.

Examples of Film Styles Available for the Sapphire Wall System

Data Networking Cable & Electrical Outlet Options

Network cables and electrical outlet conduits are built into the Sapphire Wall System! No need for extension cords or CAT ethernet cables running amok underneath your desk. Easily hid within the panels, these "raceways" tracks allow for cord management in a safe and efficient way. Hinged panel covers hide outlets that are not used. A perfect solution and yet another benefit of using the Sapphire Wall System for your cubicles.

Data and Electrical Raceway Tracks Available

Different Door Style Options Available with the Sapphire Wall System

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