Secrets to a Cozy Office: Ideas for a More Comfortable Workspace

A cozy office cubicle with an l-shaped desk, bbf cabinets, adjustable chair, and small accent rug

A cozy office is a poor substitute for the comforts of working from home. However, more and more businesses are requiring their staff to return to the office. Back to the dreaded, daily grind of long commutes, crowded trains, and busy coworkers. Regardless, a return to spending more time at the office doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of personal comforts and a quiet, relaxed workspace. We’ve thrown together some of our best ideas making your office cozier, whether you’re returning to the office or you never left and just want to try improving your workspace. Try a few of these suggestions and see what you think.

Before You Begin…

These sure-fire suggestions for a cozy office will work best if you thoroughly clean the space in which you’re working. You’ll want to build your new “home away from home” on a fresh slate! Remember, cleaning is more than a box of clean wipes and a bottle of surface cleaner, it also means decluttering and organizing!

Engaging All Your Senses  

Our best tips for a cozy office include finding things which provide comfort for all five of your senses:

Add a Subtle Scent(s)

You’re sense of smell is one of the best means of maintaining focus while helping your mind and body to relax. Scents of lavender, wood, fresh cut grass, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, or pine are all popular, perhaps as a fragrance plugin or aromatherapy diffuser. Plugins and diffusers are popular because they are subtle and non-hazardous. Just be mindful of your co-worker’s sensitivities.

Stock Snacks & Beverages

Indulging your tastebuds is essential when creating that cozy office, but not everyone can have a mini-fridge in their workspace. While you may not be able to bring your fridge with you, how about apportioning some shelf or table space for some healthy snacks and drinks? Fresh fruit and non-perishable drinks always hit the spot no matter the time of day.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Equipment

Cozy OfficeWhen it comes to what your body touches at the office, nothing is more important than effective ergonomic equipment and furniture. Ergonomics focuses on comfortability and efficiency; ways to avoid putting undue stress on your joints and muscles. Therefore, investing in an ergonomic chair, sit-to-stand desk, adjustable monitor stands, keyboard, and mouse devices are extremely important. Comfortability creates a cozy office.

Incorporate Visual Privacy

Sight is another essential sense to utilize. Sometimes what we can’t see is more important what we can. Visual distractions are absolutely horrible for productivity. Adding privacy can be difficult for some depending on if you share an office or open space with your co-workers. However, privacy can be achieved in a simple and affordable way. Employers can invest in items such as cubicle panel extenders, acoustic privacy screens, and desk dividers. All of these privacy solution items can be found through SKUTCHI Designs Inc. eSCAPE Acoustic and Privacy Solutions Series.

Reduce Outside Noise

Reducing outside noise is another one of the ways to make your workspace comfortable. Reducing noise not only allows you to focus more on your work but also provides an atmosphere that is tranquil leading to the ultimate cozy office. You may be wondering how to reduce outside noise. Even if you work in an open space you can reduce noise through walls, ceiling, or divider panels. SKUTCHI Designs Inc. provides these products in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles.

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Express Yourself Through Your Decor

Find decor that matches your interests

Adding decor that fits your personal interests is another element of creating a cozy office space. Think of shows, books, artists, and styles that you love. Adding a few decor pieces, wallpaper, or accessories that fit these interests will get you excited to come into your office.

Accentuate the Positive

Don’t settle for the harsh, fluorescent bulbs above your head. Accent lighting can add another dimension to enhance the atmosphere and comfort of your workspace. The lighting can be changed from natural lightning or through artificial lighting. Fake candles, open windows, and lights with several settings can transform your current workspace into a cozy office.

An accent rug can provide an additional visual and tactile touch to your workspace. Typically rugs with a softer material—such as faux fur, shag, or cotton—can provide a cozy office. However, adding your personality to it is what matters most. Adding an accent rug that fits the theme to your office, color scheme, and personality will not only provide comfort but can make you feel more at home.

Liven up your life (literally) with a pet or plants

SKUTCHI Designs Inc. is a pet-friendly company, so we understand the wonderful benefits of having pets around the office. Depending on your company and its policies, you could liven up your office space with a pet or plants. Add a furry member to your office family! Smaller pets that don’t require as much attention are recommended. Again, if you can’t have any pets, investing in small, easy to maintain plants can make your office just as comfortable and lively.

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Remember, comfort is an element which is adaptable and transferable. Comfort can easily be integrated by decluttering, utilizing your five senses, and incorporating your personality into your space. We here at SKUTCHI Designs Inc. hope this guideline on How to Make Your Office Cozy provided you with the resources, steps, and products needed to transform your office space from uncomfortable to cozy.

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