Top 5 Trends for Office Spaces in 2024

The office landscape is forever changing, but one thing remains constant: the need for individualized workspaces which foster productivity and focus. While open office floor plans dominated the headlines in recent years, 2024 shows a shift towards a more balanced approach, valuing both collaboration and concentration. Among these trends, the humble cubicle is making its surprise comeback. Here are the top 5 trends shaping office spaces this year, and how the reimagined cubicle fits seamlessly into the evolving vision:

#1 The Dawn of the Hybrid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of remote work, and it’s expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Forbes states that in 2024 around 70% of the workforce will be remote at least 5 days per month.  As a result, more and more companies are embracing the remote work model and implementing policies to support a hybrid work schedule.

Remote work offers many benefits such as: 

  1. Cutting Cost:  Reducing the number of days in office has a significant impact on several of the daily cost that come with opening and office everyday. 
  2. Increased Productivity: According to a study done by ConnectSolution, 77% of employees feel more productive when working from home, with 30% more work in less time. 
  3. Promoting Work-Life Balance: Employees are demanding, now more than ever, that their workplaces support mental and physical health with a healthy balance between work and life. 

#2 The Reimagined Cubicle

With the rise of hybrid workplaces the cubicle is making a surprising comeback. However, these are not the stuffy and small cubicles of the ‘80s & ‘90s. Companies like SKUTCHI are reimagining them into modern and innovative workspaces, designed to provide privacy and personalization while still promoting collaboration and communication.

Modern cubicles often feature: 

  1. Increased Space: More generous sizing provides employees with the room they need to spread out or come together. 
  2. Modularity: Moveable walls and adaptable furniture let employees adjust their workspace to their needs. 
  3. Touches of Nature: Biophilic design incorporates plants and natural light into the workspace. This has been proven to not only reduce stress, but also increase productivity according to Saxen.

#3 The Introduction of "Resimercial Design"

Resimercial” blends residential and commercial aesthetics together. Again, with hybrid workplaces on the rise it’s only natural that “Resimerical” design begins to take its place in the modern workspace. As we transition between remote and in-person work environments, employees seek comfort and familiarity across the two.

This shows up in: 

  1. Natural Colors and Textures: Resimercial spaces put emphasis on prioritizing creativity and relaxation by utilizing warm colors and textures found in the home or nature. 
  2. Lounge Spaces: Comfy Furniture, bean bags, and open areas that mimic a living room or coffee shop encourage personal connections and conversations. 
  3. Personal Elements: Employees feel a sense of belonging and ownership when they’re allowed to customize their workspace with personal elements like plants, rugs, and other nicknacks from home.

#4 The Smart Office

The way in which we utilize offices is changing, and technology is a constant in that. In 2024, it’s not just helpful with our day to day, it’s essential. With more than half our workforce now remote, technology will be what keeps everyone connected and productive. Of course, this means the office will need to be well equipped with the latest gadgets to support this trend.

This can include features like:

  1. Virtual Meeting Solutions: These solutions are improving efficiency and enhancing flexibility by bridging the gap between in office and remote collaboration. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI Assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, are transforming workplaces by enhancing and streamlining tasks. 
  3. Interactive Displays: These digital boards allow for employees to engage with content, simplify communication, and share information in real time across multiple methods of interactivity. 

#5 The Unapologetic Focus on Employee Well-Being

Modern companies are shredding the notion that employee well-being is a thing of luxury. In 2024, organizations understand that a healthy and supported workforce directly translates to success and longevity of the company.

This unapologetic focus manifest in: 

  1. Ergonomics as a Necessity: Height-adjustable desks, supportive chairs, and proper monitor placement aren’t just bonuses now; they’re essential in preventing injuries and promoting long-term health.
  2. Space to Restore: Dedicated wellness rooms provide havens for quiet reflection, meditation, or even revitalizing naps, equipping employees to return to their tasks refreshed and recharged.
  3. Healthy Environments: Investing in advanced air filtration systems and maximizing natural light demonstrates a commitment to respiratory and mental wellness, promoting overall health and reducing the spread of illnesses.


These top office trends in 2024 reflect a workplace revolution, one that champions both flexibility and focused concentration. The reimagined cubicle is a prime example that the office landscape is constantly evolving to meet the needs of employees. Companies that hesitate to adapt to these shifts risk more than just losing out in a competitive talent market; they risk falling behind in fostering a truly optimized and supportive workforce. Now is the time to reimagine your workspace so that your business keeps up with the trends.

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